Jan 30, 2013

Dear readers,
Please check out my new blog! It's just like this one only neater, easier to follow, and much funnier.
see I promise! Same name n everything
Oh, you're lazy? Well here just click on THIS and you will be directed riiiight on over there :)

Jan 28, 2013

Should I Delete?

Wondering if I should delete this old thang and re-start a new fashion blog. It would still be the same idea, my sweet thrift finds and boring outfits, thoughts and meanderings on daily life and being a broke post-grad, travelling young *shudder* adult.
Maybe it's time to be more profesh like all the fab Aus fashion blogs I follow and adore and wish I could live up too..
I'll think it over. In the meantime.. here! Outfits I've been wearing!!!

Dec 27, 2012


 New slutty body suit with sheer v-neck paneling, red button down cigarette pants, leopard print clutch, black and chrome stiletto's.
 Black pencil skirt, brown knit cowl-neck.
 Navy and white striped sweater dress, cropped black blazer, blue enamel studded cuff bracelet.
 Cobal blue and gold studded bag, leopard print peplum top (Dynamite), green riding pants.
 White studded linen tank (Zara), blue floral blazer, green riding pants, fauxlasses (aka Smarticles according to S).
 Without the blazer?
Boxing day shopping outfit: House of Harlow pyramid necklace (Daddy picked it!! Good job fashionfaj), grey button down, yellow snake skin belt, skinnies.

Dec 10, 2012

Peaches and Gold

 Little work outfit except I forgot that it's Canada and now everything is covered in snow and my cute little ballet flats are completely impractical.
Blue Aritzia boyfriend blazer, white and navy striped tube top (H&M), skinnies, Target nude ballet flats.
 New black skinny jegging (Winners), navy blue Hollister knit tunic, low waisted leather belt, black and chrome stiletto's, camel and navy suede le Chateau bag.
Sam chrome and black stilettos and black jeggings, blue studded tunic.

Don't You Worry

 Left Sydney and back in Ottawa now. So sad about leaving Matt and the life we had started. It's great being with my family and friends though, I'd missed them so much. It never ever gets easier to leave them.
Bodysuit from some store in Bondi Junction, woven leather belt, bird print a-line skirt (Dynamite).
 Same sheer v-neck bodysuit, grey cargo pants from Old Navy.
Salvador Dali sheer tank found in a tiny little hippie shop in Kensington, jean shorts (yes I'm wearing them you just can't tell), studded clutch from Le Chateau, beige linen wedges, gold, black and white enamel chevron necklace.

Nov 22, 2012


 Sydney shopping... 'nuff said. Found some amazing gems on George Street :)
Boobs and studs!

Oak Library

 Zara linen studded tank ($60), blue bandage skirt.
 Leopard print peplum top (Dynamite ($35)
 Black backless t, tigerlily green pants, orange beaded necklace.
Forever New aqua sheer sweater.

Byron Digs

 Tie-dye crop top from Scallyrags in Byron Bay - one of the best little clothing nooks I've ever come across. A lot of the things are hand-made, and the seamstresses will tailor anything you buy from Scallyrags to fit you perfectly, as soon as you buy it, for free! Luckily I didn't need anything tailored but I almost wish that I did because it's so rare to be able to take advantage of a that kind of a service. They <3 customers="customers" p="p" their="their">
 Hand made crocheted halter top (paid $60 for both tops!)

Nov 2, 2012

Australia Oct - Nov

 Went out to Churrasco for bday dinner in Sydney
 Made out under trees in Toowoomba
Swam in the pool on my birthday! Warmest bday ever!

Australia October

 I fed elephants at Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo.
 Lizard thing with two tails! So creepy
 Petting roo's
 Spent Halloween on Bondi Beach
 Went surfing in Byron Bay
 Cooked steak and snags on our barbie in the Gold Coast
 Played with puppies in Hervey Bay
Pretty ring from M for my birthday :)

Orange Gunz

 Value Village finds! Blue Mountain Pottery olive dish, brought it to boy, it's so great. Mushroom candle, silver jewelry case, random stash box, 80's gold and peach choker necklace, copper globe ring and grey and silver Gap dress.
 This is the choker on!


 White vintage dress from Courage My Love in Kensington. Camel studded skinny belt, smarticles, elephant bracelet G brought home for me from Italia.

 White tank, beige knit dolman sleeve sweater thing, skinny jeans, greige shooties, Michael Kors bag.
 Navy and white striped sweaterdress from Urban Behaviour, MK bag.
 Black maxi skirt, pink silk t-shirt, Gap bag, vintage porcelain heart pendant on a silk cord.
Everyone hated this pendant but I think it's sewww cute.

Sep 13, 2012


 H&M dress (Value), fuchsia necklace (Joe), black canvas and cork wedges (Payless).
 Blue pinstripe vintage maxi dress - found at Value and cut it into a mini :)
 Different belt
 My new fav formal dress! It's a silk Gap dress (Value).
 And my new baby! Can't someone just get married so I can wear this magical frock!! From Winners.
It has POCKETS... There's nothing cuter than a dress with pockets