Sep 30, 2011


Eugh so this week has taken a toll on me for sure, it's been very stressful dealing with school, work and my personal life and trying to get some major assignments done. But I also sold my very first painting ever this week :) A lovely colleague of mine wanted me to do something for him so I did and this is it! Kind of exciting for me.
This morning I went to Value Village for a little retail therapy, damn it worked. They had soooo much good stuff, I had to put stuff back on the rack even though it was gorgeous and amazing, I just couldn't justify spending $100 on used clothes haha. So instead I spent $60 :)
This red hippie dress is so great, I can't decide whether to cut it short or keep it long though, it's kind of awkward and ankle-length, but I love it. Hmm.
Second outfit is khaki Calvin Klein paper bag skirt and ruched black v-neck from H&M with bf's dog tags.

Sep 27, 2011

Crime and Punishment

Well another day is half way over and I didn't get a chance to finish all the things I'd written down on my to-do list. Is it a bad omen that I sleep with my to-do list right beside my lemon butter cream hand moisturizer on my night table? Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and have a thought about something I need to get done, so it eases my mind when I know that I can just jot it down and get to it in the morning.
God I'm turning into one of those nerdy university students. Sadly I bought a used textbook yesterday, just for funsies ... it looked interesting.
I'm taking this Soc class that's about Women and Health this semester, and it's turned into one of my fav classes, we have amazing group discussions and everyone participates, plus the readings are pretty interesting. Unforutnately it's turned a bit nasty lately though - people are trying to compete with eachother about who "has it worse", and it's turned into a big doctor-bashing party. Now I reject the patriarchal infrastructure of the biomedical model as much as any good feminist and aspiring alternative birth movement activist, but I also think that doctors are invaluable resources (for people who really need them), and I think that, as much as doctors can be patronizing and condescending - we as a society have put them on a pedestal, so naturally we will always be dissappointed by the level of care they offer us.
Now it's my contention that this problem lies within medical education - I think if we educated doctors to be compassionate and active listeners - clients (yeah clients, not patients .. we aren't all sick, we are paying their bills after all) would feel more informed and part of the decision-making process and therefore more cared for.
Anyways, that's my rant of the day, now off to study more Foucault...

Sep 14, 2011

Jesus of Suburbia

Babies have gotten so big now, 3 have left the hole and only one is still there and he's all fat and floppy and I love him and worry about him soooo much. Oh motherhood is such a big task.
Anywaysssssss: Blue and white pinstriped button down (VV), black bermuda shorts, red leather belt (The Bay), red leather mary-jane stiletto's (Vianni Couture), Vintage Tribe Leather Roots bag. And faaaaaavourite new red lippy of all time - L'Oreal Paris Colourstay in Blazing Sangria.

Benny and the Jets

So here is my life these days, as a hermit. Studying, painting my nails, drinking wine, thesis thesis thesis. My daddy's birthday (love youuuu) and clothes. Or lack thereof. Seriously on days when all I've done is study I don't even bother getting dressed.
Here's my new Le Chateau bag, half price, got it for $20, skinny jeans, and black and white stripey sweater.

Sep 12, 2011


Three baby bunnies are living in our front yard. Little cottontails. Awhh. They are called Flopsie, Mopsie and Dr. Squires.
Today I haven't got class but I'm meeting with Betty-Anne, my thesis supervisor. I'm pretty excited to share my ideas with her as I know she'll have some really important input for me. Other than that I'm going to go blow another couple hundred on some textbooks that I won't read.
In other news, boyfriend booked his flights to Canada :) We get to spend Christmas and New years together, I'm so excited. Actually we get almost a month, he's going to be sooo sick of me by the end of it :) Can't wait.

Sep 7, 2011

Another Brick in the Wall

Tomorrow is the official first day of my last (hopefully) year of school. I'm trippin. On top of taking a full course load, I'm also writing my thesis about women's bodily agency in contrast to state-run disciplinary institutions and how they act in relation to eachother. Meaning the medicalization of the female body embodied through the birthing process and how it can be rebelled against (or not) through the use of midwives and homebirths. Idk where it's going really but, we'll see. It doesn't have to be my best work but I need to pass for sure otherwise my big move won't happen :(
That being said, while I'm crazy nervous I a very very excited to begin my classes this year. It's officially my last time being an undergrad student. And I'll no longer get discounts at Pizza Hut after this year. Haha.

Sep 3, 2011

Balls Deep: A Manifesto

Running in the rain in thongs and a maxi skirt is the worst. Your thongs flick up dirt and mud and crap and your white maxi skirt drags around in puddles. It's awful.
And I hafta get my tonsils taken out :( Eww.

White maxi skirt (Value Village), black knotted tank top (Winners), leopard print scarf (Urban Outfitters), chambray button down (Value Village).