Aug 29, 2011

Moon River

Butter yellow silk button down (did a bit of a messy diy job on it), $2.50 Value Village, lace bandeau (American Apparel).

Smoke on The Water

Blue pinstriped shorts (Value), white tank top, vintage Armani blazer (Value) , grey shooties (Aldo).

Same outfit + grey Anthropologie cardigan and anchor pendant on silver chain.

Close Your Eyes and I'll Kiss You

While I'm away I'll write home every day.
And I'll send all my loving to you.

Value Village haul :)
Turquoise horse head candle ($3).

Beige maxi skirt ($2.50).
Lambswool sweater ($2.50)

Aug 25, 2011

DJ Hi-Tek

Black shift dress (Joe Fresh), crocheted belt (Costa Blanca), anchor pendant on chain.
I needta get my hurr did ...

Twisted Fantasy

VV outing this morning in lieu of hitting the gym. Oops.
Navy and white striped shorts ($8), Volcom grey tank top ($7), turquose bralette ($15 Jacob), anchor pendant (from H) on silver chain (Grandma's).

Dagga Puff

Skinnies from Value, green tank from Jetty Surf, mauve biker vest (Winners), greige suede desert boots ($25 Asos), leather satchel (Roots).
Highlights are desperately needed! Look at those roots!

Aug 24, 2011

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

Exposed brick
Heavy wood
Intricate prints

Aug 22, 2011

Handjobs for the holidays

Summer is definitely fading away. A change of seasons was due though, for the changes we have all experienced this past few months. The hot summer sun is a little bit less scorching, and the cool breezes come more often, smelling like crisp grass and campfires. The mosquitos aren't nearly as bad.

Khaki pleated tulip skirt (Calvin Klein $16), white ruched sheer tank (Dynamite $10), silver chain (Gramma's, vintage silver) with anchor pendant (from Hilary). Not sure about the vintage Armani blazer .. I think they beige may not be different enough from the colour of the skirt.
Pink oxford flats ($30 Joneve).

Black ruffled mini (Dynamite $15), grey pearl sweater (KP's closet). Red patent leather mary-jane stilettos (Joneve).

Black ruffled mini (Dynamite), grey cotton blouse (KP's from Old Navy), black peep-toe pumps.

Aug 10, 2011


Heaven needed a comedian up there so they took another angel. Mark was one of my high school besties and the first boyfriend I ever had who bought me flowers :) He was always a sweetheart, the biggest smile at the party, and could make anybody laugh at any time.
It's under heartbreaking circumstances that we are all together, but our old high school group has completely stuck together and it's like there was never any time or distance between us.

Aug 8, 2011

Love Lockdown

Confused about life. I know what I want but you can't have it all and I don't know how to pick and choose but if I refuse to decide I'll end up with nothing.

Aug 3, 2011

Fried Limes

I made it a mission of mine to become legit in the kitchen. Which is dreaming pretty damn big seeing as a couple months ago I couldn't defrost a bagel without catching something on fire.
But I've decided this is the yummiest thing I've made lately!
Tilapia pan-seared in coconut oil with fried limes and jalapeno stuffed olives, garnished with fresh coriander and pepper.
Other successful recipes of mine have been:
- Butternut squash and broccoli all chopped up and sauteed with pine nuts with a bit of goat cheese sprinkled on top.
- Homemade baba ganoush: BBQ'd eggplant, blended with 5 cloves of garlic (yeah it burns!), cumin, paprika, onion, sesame seeds, parsley and olive oil. Served hot with fresh celery! Noms.
- Spaghetti zucchini: Literally zucchini chopped up in the shape of spaghetti noodles, dried out for a few hours then sauteed, served with fresh tomato sauce, black olives and extra smelly old parmesan.
- Cucumber, tomato and celery salad with chopped strawberries, walnut and goat cheese and a basic balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing.
- An egg over easy with sliced avocado and vegemite on a piece of toast (yep I can successfully toast bread now!)

The Beauty Myth

Bare feet
Linen pants
Warm breeze
Coconut milk
French manicure
Canary diamond
Rare steak
D2 perfume
Amputee Barbie
Surf wax
Tie-dye nightgown
Peacock feather
Tiger lillies
Letters in the mail

Aug 2, 2011

Enter the Ninja

Orange Aztec floral print pleated skirt ($10 Costa Blanca), navy blue 3/4 length sleeve sweater (Gap).
White maxi dress (Dotti - free from Kat), studded belt (Dynamite $20).
Grey costa Blanca tank, brown pinstriped bermuda shorts, studded cuff bracelet, mauve chiffon braided chain necklace (Lovisa).
Flowers from Boyfriend. Awhh.
Watching a doco "Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" such a crazy, hypersexual, misogynistic culture. Quite interesting though, they seem super traditional and chaste, but the girls dress/dance and appear sooooo trashy, and the men are quite violent towards the women. There's also virtually no education in the communities, especially not for girls.
In other news SHARK WEEK is so soon.