Mar 19, 2010

Automatic Flowers

This is my "omg it's almost summer fuck wearing sweaters (but I still need layers...)" outfit. I'm wearing beige tweed Aldo studded ballet flats, Old Navy jeans, a beige scoop neck tank top (VV), Grandaddy button down vest (WInners).
I've accessorized with my baby (the D&G leather bag) and my burnt orange beaded bracelets (which I bought on my first trip to NYC in ... 2004 .. maybe 2005).

Fab Five Songs today:
1. Summer Smoke - GirlTalk
2. Save Me - Tea Party
3. 4am - Our Lady Peace
4. To Blow - Weezy ft. Drake
5. 1979 - Smashing Pumpkins

Mar 16, 2010

Vintage Rooster

So I'm trying to find out a new way to wear this navy blue American Apparel dress that I NEVER wear. So I'm wearing that ($40 AA), a brown Smart Set sweatervest, grey(ish) long cardigan (Value Village), red and brass vintage belt (Sexapalooza), bright red patent leather maryjane pumps (Joneve) and this super cool Dutch vintage rooster enamel necklace from my Grandma's basement.

I Would Breastfeed it if I Could..

This bag is the LOVE OF MY LIFE. It's stolen from my bff Gabby, it's Dolce & Gabbana and has been beat the fuck up, been to Hell and back .. twice! And it still looks incredible and I would just ramble on and on and on but I'll stop now :)
Anyways, I'm also wearing Old Navy jeans, a white oxford halter top, Seiko watch, and this blue and white scarf (Smart Set).
Accessories: metallic brown/purple pumps, wooden hoops, NEW NOSE RING!

Mar 9, 2010

Stack That Cheese

Lets start at the bottom. I'm wearing THE ugliest granny shoes from Naturalizer ($5 Value Village), they are brand new and real leather and made in Canada AND friggin winter-proof! I'm also wearing my dark-wash Jacob jeans (that I need to replace soon!) Underneath I'm wearing a bright blue tank top ($3 Aeropostale), black and white striped tunic ($29 Suzy Shier), brass and burgundy vintage belt (Sexapalooza), and wooden earrings that you can't really see.
As you can tell I dig the vintage-y sailor feel, and striped things with red get me hot :)

If I Promised an Ocean

Let's start at the bottom, I'm wearing the same cheap plastic, platform, studded clogs, Gap jeans and leather belt. Also, still wearing the grey tank top and white H&M wrap tank-top. But I've thrown on this new cropped grey wool sweater from Simons ($5 Value Village), same wooden hoop earrings and KP's chunky wooden necklace.
Also I'm wearing my brown and black leather vintage purse.

Five Great Movies:
Welcome to the Dollhouse
Reefer Madness
Away We Go

Just the writings on the wall

Okay so it's OFFICIALLY almost summer .. Know how I know? Because my girls and I have already begun planning parties, camping, cottaging, road trips and shopping trips .. oh yeah, we've got a list of dates to book off work already!
So in this "almost summer" outfit I'm wearing my brown $10 clogs from NYC, light Gap jeans, grey tank top underneath a white, ruched v-neck tank top ($25 H&M), I've accessorized with a cream cotton jacket ($4 Value Village), white studded bag ($6 Value Village), and wooden hoop earrings ($6 Ardene). Oh and I'm also wearing the GREATEST leather men's belt that I got from Value Village .. it's 100% real leather, made in Canada AND smells like a stable .. pretty much my fav. things :)

Mar 3, 2010

Ladies is pimps too, go on brush ya shoulder's off

This outfit consists of beige tweed Aldo studded flats, CK skinnies, a white Garage tank top underneath a blue and white striped oxford shirt ($3 Value Village), with a vintage leather belt (KP's closet), gold rose necklace ($5 Smart Set) and gold tear-drop earrings.
And obviously my Guess bag .. and really rad sunglasses because now that it's SPRING I can officially wear them without looking sad and pathetic.
Oh .. one more bit of news, last night I learned to drive my automatic car .. as a stick shift ... it has little paddle thingies and you can put it into Standard .. rad!!!

Top 5 songs today:
Lighting up my lalala - Lil Wayne
Kush - Lil Wayne
Players Anthem - Biggie Smalls
Ice - Lights
I'm back - Drake

Vagina Motherfuckers

So I haven't been making any cute outfits lately because I am in the Vagina Monologues this year and we've got bitchin' t-shirts to wear to help advertise, so I've just been wearing that and jeans errday!