Apr 29, 2012

Remember Paris

 Black Old Navy maxi skirt, emerald green tank, straw and leather bag.
 Assorted woven and leather things.
 Cut-offs made from my faaaavourite jeans. Silk t-shirt.
Dress + shorts ... not too sure. Also a morrocan belt!

Apr 17, 2012

Moving to LA

 Yellow floral bustier mini dress .. not sure if I'll ever wear this one out it's pretty short. Maybe just leave it as a beach dress.
 DIY waterfall skirt, mint green tank, woven belt (all VV)
 Eyelet tank top, Aritzia blazer, jeans, canvas wedges
 Skinnies, green Sportsgirl button-down.
The prettiest lady in the whole wide world. Fab boots, fab jacket, fab purse. Ugh. Just DAMN woman - best style ever