Jun 29, 2012

 The prettiest lady of all in her beyond fab Club Monaco outfit
 My haul from our girlie weekend in Toronto .. not very colourful but I am very very pleased.
 Summer clubbing outfit
 Vintage dress (Courage my Love), Michael Kors bag (I won't even say).
 New red skinnies with a button-fly, and Damien Hirst skull tank.

 Vintage dress from a little shop in Kensington Market, Toronto.
 Hospital outfit - Leggings, mocasins, beige tank, chambray top, Michael Kors bag.
Club Monaco button down skirt, Billabong knit tank, MK bag.

American Reunion

I finished Uni!!! Today is only Day 2 as a graduate and I have noooo idea what to do with myself! It's so strange watching movies and reading books without feeling guilty because I'm not studying. Even last summer when I came home from Australia I had tons of reading and research to do for my thesis!
This weekend is also my handsome sailor's birthday. Twenty-six! Old man!! And he has to work overnight until the morning of his bday :( So sad.
Well babe if you're reading this HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you and I'm so proud of you <3 Can't wait to see you ... God I can't believe it's only three months until I'm back in Aus. I can't wait, it has been toooo long, never again. But I'm so excited to get the fuck out of O-Town, be on my own again. And be with him. Two months together :) Finally. I can't wait, we are doing a camping roadtrip up the coast for a month! Then normal life back in Sydney. Can't wait. But I'm not looking forwards to that flight :S
This weekend is also Canada Day! I think my outfit will either be a red halter dress, or full on Canadian tuxedo with the possibility of cowboy boots if it isn't too hot, otherwise thongs. Orrrr possibly just shorts and plaid. Either way I will look supremely Canadian.
 Skull top from Kensington
 Skull necklace from Kensington
 Salvador Dali skull top from Kensington
And my newest Michael Kors bag. Ugh I love this baby she's perfect for summer!

Jun 9, 2012

We Want Prenup

 Same dress and belt - better pic of these awesome strappy gladiator heels. Thankyou clothing exchange :)
 H&M black tube top, white Le Chateau lace skirt, from VV. Grey shooties from Aldo.
 New crochet tank top, leather jacket, turquoise pendant.
 Black combat boots, jean shorts, blue Hollister sweaterdress (Anna's, from the clothing exchange)
 Canvas wedges, mint green jeans, baby pink silk top and Michael Kors bag.

Jun 6, 2012

Summer School Sucks

Summer school and two jobs are the worsttttt. But my new volunteer position at the hospital is exciting and I start next week! WHAT DO I WEARRRRR?!?!?!
 New white bustier dress with studded belt and strappy le Chateau sandals.
This outfit was cuter in person ... and the shoes friggin hurt but they are such gems. Found at VV obv and they're real woven leather old people shoes, never even been worn!
 Brunch outfit :) White lace dress (was a massive gown, cut it up, threw a slip under it). Floppy felt hat, mauve shooties, woven leather belt.
 Favourite dress ever, way to short, dunno how I'll wear it though - inappropro for work.
 Interview outfit I wore to the hospital - threw a cardi and colourful scarf on top though - it was super cold.
 Skulls. skulls. skulls. my love.

Next weekend shopping in Tdot with my main bitch KP. SOEXCITED!!! Been saving up for the past 2 paycheques so I can buy new clothes! And maybe a new purse!!!