Jul 28, 2010


Going to an art/burlesque show tonight sponsored by a women's non-profit. I believe proceeds go towards the Coalition for a Sexual Assault Centre on Campus at Carleton. Going with Gabby and Dara after work this evening. Should be exciting, it's like a mix of all the things I love most in the world: art, burlesque, drinks and dim lighting. Woot!
Eugh some jerk is being a miserable ass and killing my buzz over and over, especially when I see I'm being referred to on the world wide web as "a female situation". Mhm get fucked mister.
Anyways, I'm still "running", or as my little bro Christopher said, walking faster than everyone else.

Jul 25, 2010

I see the world second, and I get high first

My dad didn't understand this look in the slightest. It was actually quite adorable when KP and I showed him what we got and he just stood there all perplexed.
Green romper (H&M $25), black lace bra ($17 American Apparel), grey shooties ($60 Aldo).
Stud bracelet, carnation ring, white enamel earrings.

NY Haul

After a long ass drive back to our glorious country where I'm allowed to drink freely and happily, KP and I debriefed, went through all our stuff and gaged our success.
I got a whole bunch of good stuff which I will list here :)
Shoes: Mauve peep-toe shoetie with a hidden wedge, (Aldo $60), beige wedge platform sandal (Target $20)
Bottoms: Mauve ruched skirt ($10 Urban Outfitters), green v-neck silk romper (H&M $25)
Tops: Lace tube bra ($17 American Apparel), grey studded dolman sleeve crop top (Urban Outfitters $10), pink floral, racerback zipper top (Urban Outfitters $34), black silk blouse (Anthropologie $70)
Accessories: Pink ruffle boa scarf (Anthropologie $10), turquoise and gold bracelet (Urban Outfitters $5), mauve studded fringe crossbody purse (H&M $13), NARS Roman Holiday Lipstick (Sephora $25), Essie True Love nailpolish (Target $8), Super pink blush (Target $5).
Awesome road-trip & weekend spent with my bestie: Pricele$$

New York Trip 2010!

So KP and I left bright n early Friday morning and drove to Kingston, to hit up Urban Outfitters and American Apparel (worst service ever). Then after an hour or so shopping we drove down to New York. The border took about half an hour to cross, and then we finally got into the Blessed Land of the so-called "Free", where one can get married, procreate, drive a motor vehicle, engage in friendly confrontations with firearms and join the military at very young ages, yet can't have a goddamn ceasar with dinner until they are 21. Eugh that country is right fucked. Anyways it's lovely in many other ways.
So we spent our first day shopping at this huge outdoor outlet mall, where I had no luck but KP found some good things such as white jeans that she's been searching for for everrr. Then we drove to our hotel which was soo gross, it had clearly just been converted from smoking to non-smoking hours before we arrived, and the hallway nearest our room smelled like dead carcass, legit we RACED our asses up and down that hallway with out breath held. Then we went to dinner at Uno, where the food was alright, cheap and quick, but I was denied a damn drink after they id'd me. I was with my mother .. they shouldn't have even id'd me at all! Bastards .. stoopid country.
Then we went to Target, it was nice, then grabbed a bottle of wine and drank it in bed.
In the morning we had a continental "breakfast" at the hotel, not only was it revolting but the people were hilarious, they were all crowded around the food, elbows up just charging along butting in front of others to get to this slop. And while it was disgusting at least we had a good laugh watching them all, crazy 'mericans.
Then, after a quick emergency stop at Starbuck's, the real shopping began at Eastview Mall.

Shaniqua, Where You At?!

Black wrap tank top, blue jeans (Value Village), white studded purse (Value Village), beige canvas wedges (Old Navy).

CRAVING FRIED PICKLES. They are fabulous. Eating them has radically altered my whole perspective on life. I have found the meaning of life. Mmm Fried Pickles. In other embarassing news, I am ashamed to say that I am actually very excited for Season 2 of Jersey Shore to begin. It's terrible, mindless entertainment and nothing good can come from it. But when I'm bored off my ass at work waiting for the clock to say 8:30, I watch it online. I know. Shame on me. And this is why I make minimum wage.

Jul 21, 2010

Lost in Rock n Roll

This morning Rolling Stones came on my iPod when it was on shuffle. I forgot how much I love the Stones. They are the epitome of rock n roll. The Rolling Stones concert was also the first "real" concert I ever went to. My mom called me out of class at school and I had no idea why, and she said she'd bought Rolling Stones tickets! Becky and I went with my parents, it was amazing. I remember being SO shocked that people were smoking weed, and I was so worried for them, I thought they'd get caught and they had no idea. Haha, I was such an uneducated little concert go-er.

Jeans (Value Village), grey flower applique top (Charlotte Russe), stud bracelet (Gabby's). Too hot for shoes or accessories!

I Have Seen Rings of Smoke Through The Trees

Feeling out of touch with my friends :( It sucks.
Also I'm very much missing the feeling of having a boyfriend in my life. Not for the sake of having a boyfriend, but simply because it's a guy who has to love you and come see you when you look like shit, a guy who you can call after having a run in the morning and being sore. A guy who you can visit at work and stuff.
Anyways, it's stupid, I guess I'm just going through break-up depression pretty late in the game.
Anyways, speaking of running, today is day 3 of new Brittany's life as a runner. I'm going for really short 15-30 minute jogs around the block, but I'm in terrible condition so I walk for most of it and try to run/jog in intervals.
Today KP came with me and we were out for 40 minutes, it was so great to have some one there to push me to go a bit further. And the feeling of being really sore after a run is awesome, I miss being exhausted and stiff from working out, I haven't felt like this since cheerleading in high school, and I do miss it.

Black tank top (Garage), white chiffon blouse (Winners), jeans (Value Village), black platforms (Spring) brown leather Stone Mountain bag (Winners).

Purple Velvet & Gold Studs

So everyone mocked this monstrosity when I got it but I just love it. Purple velvet and gold studs, how much cooler does it get!! I found the dress at Value Village, it was something like $7, then KP helped me ruche the sides to make it a bit shorter, and also ruched the once HUGE and very square sleeves. The shoes are my black peep-toes from Spring. And the huge stud bracelet is Gabby's.

Kermit Tesoro a la BK

My version of the most beautiful shoes on the face of the earth <3

Enchilada Fail

So last night Becky came over after work and we were going to make enchiladas and have caesar's. The enchiladas turned out horribly, thanks google ... you give terrible recipes! And then we were feeling too sick to drink filling caesars.
It was a huge fail.
I've been super anti-social lately too, idk, why. I guess after the boy and I broke up I went through this 4 month phase of extreme partying, like it was my damn job. I went out every night and on the off chance I wasn't going clubbing or to a bar I was surrounded by friends on some sort of adventure or fun evening.
Now I'm just alone all the time, which is my fault because I've been really avoiding people, but it sucks, I need to recharge my happy batteries, idk how they died so suddenly!
But this weekend will be fun, I'm going to New York with KP, with Daddy's cards ;P to go shopping! It's going to be so fun, and maybe when I get back I will get back into the groove of being a normal human being again.
Let us hope!!!

Find Your Love

I guess I just miss it.

My head looked really gross in this so I had to crop it out. Anyways, I found this huuuuge floor length beauty at Value Village yesterday while I was supposed to be getting a bottle of wine for my parents (it was their 25th anniversary! They were married in 1985, my mom was born in 1966 you do the math, and they STILL are so in love, it's so adorable yet depressingly unrealistic) Anyways, congrats mom and dad! I love you and your relationship is incredibly inspiring, I hope to have what you do some day <3

Back to the dress, it was this huge thing but I loved the print and I loved the button details down the bodice and the frilly neckline. So KP chopped like 18 inches off for me and hemmed it, and now it's fabulous.

Floral dress ($10.99 Value Village), belt ($2 Icing), beige canvas wedges (Old Navy). No accessories, the dress speaks for itself :)

Jul 16, 2010

Forget Regret

Freedom through chaotic rebellion.

White boys oxford shirt (Walmart), black and brown vintage belt (Gabriella's lovely closet), green skirt (Smart Set), Black t-strap sandals (Spring).

Jul 14, 2010

Body in a Box

On Monday Dara and I went to a City & Colour concert in the Byward, it was free, and although I've heard Dallas Green is a douchebag, it was so awesome. We just jammed out in the pouring rain and listened to beautiful music.
Being in the music scene, even if it is super mainstream, and getting down and dirty with my paints has made me so nostalgic for the past. I cleaned out the box under my bed (yeah it was as horrifying as it sounds) and found my high school LSC warm fuzzies. They were so great to read, it made me miss the past and the person I was back then.
Sometimes I feel like I'm growing backwards instead of forwards, and everything is just spinning so fast I have no idea which way to spin, so I end up either standing still or spinning the wrong way.
Anyways, it's super hot again out, so, even though it's been almost 8 days since I shaved my legs, (reasons why I'm single?) I've got to wear shorts! Blah.

So black city shorts (Suzy Sheir if I remember correctly), white babydoll lace tank (Winners, Seiko watch, hammered silver earrings (Byward market), and my Grandma's gold dog tag (which might be politically incorrect to wear but whatever, I miss her so much).
I think my bra is super obvious under the lacey part of this top but I can't be bothered layering a tank top under it .. too sweaty. Would cause, as Gabriella and Dara would say, "mountain dew".
Also Stone Mountain leather bag (Winners) and black Jesus t-strap sandals (Spring).

Paint through.

Heartbreak. Heartache. Heartfake.
Lose yourself in art.
Build. Break. Rebuild. Break. Learn your lesson.

Jul 12, 2010

He said you can't use nihilism to stop a fight.

Eff this ess.

Brown leather fringe vest ($8 Value Village), floral tube top dress (Value Village), brown and black wide belt (Gabby's), white vintage pumps ($8 Value Village), brown leather bag (Winners).

Jul 8, 2010

Sweet Little Lies

So Trevor is back! The love of my life/only man besides my daddy who doesn't make me puke is back in Ottawa for a visit! Gabby and I picked him up from the airport yesterday and spent all day doing random wack ass shit. It was awesome, I miss him already and it's only been like 12 hours. Anyways, weather's been so hot, with the humidity it's been in the mid 30's, but feels like 45. SWELTERING.

Black and white dress (Winners), yellow enamel bracelet (kp), white flower ring (Smart Set), white enamel earrings (VV $3). White pumps (Value Village $8)

Cock it and pull it

But I wouldn't feel so alone, everybody must get stoned.

Blue wifebeater dress (Urban Behavior $15), cream vintage dolman sleeve blouse (Value Village).

Jul 2, 2010

You Can't Always Get What You Want

And maybe you shouldn't settle for getting what you don't want, it will not satisfy you.

Beige linen esprit dress, newly hemmed (Value), Costa Blanca brown sweater (Value), black pumps, green Versaci wallet.