Jul 21, 2010

I Have Seen Rings of Smoke Through The Trees

Feeling out of touch with my friends :( It sucks.
Also I'm very much missing the feeling of having a boyfriend in my life. Not for the sake of having a boyfriend, but simply because it's a guy who has to love you and come see you when you look like shit, a guy who you can call after having a run in the morning and being sore. A guy who you can visit at work and stuff.
Anyways, it's stupid, I guess I'm just going through break-up depression pretty late in the game.
Anyways, speaking of running, today is day 3 of new Brittany's life as a runner. I'm going for really short 15-30 minute jogs around the block, but I'm in terrible condition so I walk for most of it and try to run/jog in intervals.
Today KP came with me and we were out for 40 minutes, it was so great to have some one there to push me to go a bit further. And the feeling of being really sore after a run is awesome, I miss being exhausted and stiff from working out, I haven't felt like this since cheerleading in high school, and I do miss it.

Black tank top (Garage), white chiffon blouse (Winners), jeans (Value Village), black platforms (Spring) brown leather Stone Mountain bag (Winners).

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