Dec 26, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas day was awesome, the girst BK and I got KP and Daddy was a hit! Apparently they love Wii! And all my gifts were amazing, my big one was unlimited train and bus trips in Aussie on the Countrylink line. That'll make it so much easier to get around and see all the amazing sights down under, and also will save me a ton of money! Even if I did NO other traveling I would at least need to get from Sydney (airport) to Melbourne (school) and back .. and now my 6 weeks of pre-class travelling will be a million times easier! And also save me money cuz I can take overnight trains and busses and skip paying for a hotel room! Woohoo!
Anyways this is what I wore on Christmas day when my dad's side came over for dinner. Jacob jeans, grey Costa Blanca tank top with a white tank underneath, lilac and pearl necklace from Lisa (the Bay), pink oxford flats (Joneve), a studded belt that KP bought me (Aldo) and my studded earrings from Spring!

Dec 22, 2010

Deck the Halls

So Boyfriend bought me a tree for Christmas :) I was very sad because my parents ruined xmas by refusing to buy a lovely real tree, and instead have a fake plastic one, that is beautiful, but doesn't smell like Christmas! Ugh .. anyways, so he bought me a tree, and then bailed on a night at the bar watching football with the boys to paint 40 walnuts gold and hot glue ribbons to things .. But I let him have the football game on .. on mute .. so we could listen to Christmas music :) Ohhh poor J, he's such a good sport. Anyways it was lovely, we even made personalized photo ornaments (thankyou Martha!) It was the cutest night ever, and today, since I'm finished exams, we are doing Christmas shopping for his family and mine, probably wrapping gifts, and then making pizza and watching Christmas movies. Tomorrow morning when we wake up we are opening pressie's, having a big breakfast with Champagne and everything and probably wearing our pyjama's until like noon! Oh it'll be so great. Then I'm taking him to the train station and he is going home :( Boo, I'm so sad that he's leaving me, and then when he comes back I'll only see him a few times before I leave. This is getting hard, I made my first round of goodbye's with my TC crew last night and it sucked, I love my job and even more I love the amazing people I work with, G, B, L, M, C, Y and everyone else .. I'll miss you like crazyy <3

Finally on Holiday's!

I finally ripped the monstrous shoulder pads out of my vintage Giorgio Armani blazer ($12 at Value Village .. score!). They weighed like 2lbs each, I'm not kidding, and were bigger than my boobs .. well come to think of it that's not really saying much so nevermind. Anyways, it's much more fabulous now, I'm wearing it with a boring black top and boring blue jeans. Boring boring boring. But you know what's exciting? I just finished all of my exams and take-home exams and handed them in and am FREE. It's sooo awesome not to be stressing about school, now I can focus on getting myself all excited for my big trip .. which is in 12 days let me remind you. And also for Christmas with my man .. more on our xmas festivities in my next post though.
but for now, yess, Australia! Land of the surfers, koalas, beaches, and most deadly animals, snakes and spiders .. ew.

Dec 15, 2010

The Kinsey Scale

I've been going tanning .. like the severely cancerous kind .. I feel soooo horrible saying this but I can totally understand why people do it, it's therapeutic to just lie there in that warm bed with nothing to look at, nothing to do, just your own thoughts. I always feel super refreshed when I'm done, also a bit crispy though. I'm actually doing it because I leave for Australia in 19 days. HOLY BUDDHAPANTS .. nineteen mother trucking days! It's coming so soon.
I haven't been feeling very excited for my big trip, mostly because I've been really stressed with school and my relationship with my friends have been strained, it makes me nervous that I'm leaving. I know it's immature but I feel like when I come back there will be no room left for me anymore, or I'll be irrelevant. I have been just stressing and worrying about everything instead of getting all psyched up and trying on bikini's everyday. But last night I went to Georgetown Pub with T and G after work, it was nice, we had some drinks and chatted, and T got me really excited because he's been to Australia so he was telling me stories and tips of where to go and it just made me think about leaving in a way more positive light.
So now I'm excited, mostly. But still stoopidly stressed with school, can't wait until it's over. But the sucky part is that I won't get to see any of my friends right before I leave, the first day of school is the 3rd, I leave the 4th which is a Tuesday, no one is going to want to come out and get fucked and have drunken sobfests about missing each other. In fact I'll probably even go to the airport with just my family. Which is kind of sad, I'd like to group hug all my biddies at once and have a huge lovefest of a memory when I hop on that plain.
Anyways, here's my outfit de jour: Jacob jeans, bue and white striped oxford shirt (Value Village), DKNY grey cardi/blazer (KP's, from Winners), black patent skinny belt ($6 Joe Fresh), black American Eagle flats, brown leather Roots bag ($$$).

Dec 12, 2010

Palm Trees and Power Lines

I just found this awesome floral tank at Value Village and got KP to change the neckline (it was high necked .. looked kind of silly) and it is the softest fabric ever, the tag said it's rayon, whatever that it. But mmm so comfy :)
So I'm wearing my denim skinnies (Value Village), floral tank ($1.99 Value Village), grey long Costa Blanca cardigan (Value Village), brown leather woven belt, Seiko watch, silver bangles, silver spoon ring, wooden hoop earrings, black flats (American Eagle) and pink fringe purse (H&M).
And I can't stop listening to Sugarcult .. thanks to my man .. who is old and listens to this kind of early 2000's pop punk crap. But I love it and I love him. When I'm home I miss him all the time, we just have too much fun together all the time, even when there's nothing to do.

Dec 10, 2010

Teach me how to dougie

Teach me how to dougie
Teach me how to dougie by BrittanyAmanduhh featuring brass jewelry

Leaving work an hour early today! Yeahh :) Friday's are good times. Ugh, I want to cut my hair off, dye it platinum and get glasses.

Dec 8, 2010

Home Is Where Ever I'm With You

Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zero's .. great song, makes me wants to hitch hike and get dreads :)

Dec 6, 2010

Young Cardinals

Tonight was awesome, I worked a super short shift, then came home and made pizza's (even with homemade dough) with my mom and brother (Daddy is in the 'cun with his buddies on a golf vacay). We watched Eat, Pray Love, with Julia Roberts and it was great, obviously not comparable to the book but a pretty decent movie still. And now I'm painting my nails all marbled and paint splettery. they look way cooler in person and you can see all the little swirls and designs .. but here is a crappy webcam photo.

Dec 5, 2010

The Snow Keeps Melting

I bailed on work today to write an essay, my biggest essay of the year but the one that I am the most interested in. I'm so excited about the content I'm writing about, pregnancy and childbirth as a public entity and subject to public oppression, and liberation through non-interventionist birth and home birth with a midwife. And I'm drinking Second Cup hot chocolate. Sooo delicious, thanks G!
Blue floral button down dress, greyish brown wool leggings, black boots (Value Village), grey cardigan (Smart Set), brown leather belt (Value Village), brown leather Stone Mountain purse (Winners).

Dec 1, 2010

Skate-istan: To Live and Skate Kabul

I just found this vid on my girl's facebook page. It's a well-hidden secret but I am totally enamoured with skateboarding. I love skater boys, I love skater girls, I love their tricks, I even love when they fall. Speaking of which my boy is skating at a competition in a bar downtown tonight, he's an amazing skater and an amazing person, and I wish I could go watch him tonight (and all his cute skater friends) but homework calls. Anyways here is an amazing video, looks really intense. I can't wait to see it! Skate on kids.

Copy & Paste this link to watch (I haven't quite figured out how to embed a vid yet)