Dec 12, 2010

Palm Trees and Power Lines

I just found this awesome floral tank at Value Village and got KP to change the neckline (it was high necked .. looked kind of silly) and it is the softest fabric ever, the tag said it's rayon, whatever that it. But mmm so comfy :)
So I'm wearing my denim skinnies (Value Village), floral tank ($1.99 Value Village), grey long Costa Blanca cardigan (Value Village), brown leather woven belt, Seiko watch, silver bangles, silver spoon ring, wooden hoop earrings, black flats (American Eagle) and pink fringe purse (H&M).
And I can't stop listening to Sugarcult .. thanks to my man .. who is old and listens to this kind of early 2000's pop punk crap. But I love it and I love him. When I'm home I miss him all the time, we just have too much fun together all the time, even when there's nothing to do.

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