Dec 15, 2010

The Kinsey Scale

I've been going tanning .. like the severely cancerous kind .. I feel soooo horrible saying this but I can totally understand why people do it, it's therapeutic to just lie there in that warm bed with nothing to look at, nothing to do, just your own thoughts. I always feel super refreshed when I'm done, also a bit crispy though. I'm actually doing it because I leave for Australia in 19 days. HOLY BUDDHAPANTS .. nineteen mother trucking days! It's coming so soon.
I haven't been feeling very excited for my big trip, mostly because I've been really stressed with school and my relationship with my friends have been strained, it makes me nervous that I'm leaving. I know it's immature but I feel like when I come back there will be no room left for me anymore, or I'll be irrelevant. I have been just stressing and worrying about everything instead of getting all psyched up and trying on bikini's everyday. But last night I went to Georgetown Pub with T and G after work, it was nice, we had some drinks and chatted, and T got me really excited because he's been to Australia so he was telling me stories and tips of where to go and it just made me think about leaving in a way more positive light.
So now I'm excited, mostly. But still stoopidly stressed with school, can't wait until it's over. But the sucky part is that I won't get to see any of my friends right before I leave, the first day of school is the 3rd, I leave the 4th which is a Tuesday, no one is going to want to come out and get fucked and have drunken sobfests about missing each other. In fact I'll probably even go to the airport with just my family. Which is kind of sad, I'd like to group hug all my biddies at once and have a huge lovefest of a memory when I hop on that plain.
Anyways, here's my outfit de jour: Jacob jeans, bue and white striped oxford shirt (Value Village), DKNY grey cardi/blazer (KP's, from Winners), black patent skinny belt ($6 Joe Fresh), black American Eagle flats, brown leather Roots bag ($$$).

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