Aug 25, 2010

Meeting Peyton

So I met my beautiful second-cousin yesterday for the first time. Her name is Peyton and she's so gorgeous. I have baby fever, almost cried when she went to bed, I just wanted to take her home with me she isliterally THAT cute.

Other (not nearly as) exciting news is I learned how to use a sewing machine! And I sewed this dress, it was a floor length one from Value Village ($8) so I chopped it off and hemmed it. The hem is magnificently uneven but that's okay. I'm wearing it with KP's leather belt and my mauve platform wedges ($20 Taget)

Aug 22, 2010

Sunday Funday

Sunday's are so weird, they are the Gatsby of all weekdays, they have everything and nothing at the same time (my man said the same thing about Gatsby). They are perfect because they are a weekday, no one works, they call for ceasar's, big family dinners and early relaxing evenings, but they also suck man dick because you know in less than 24 hours you'll be stuck at your shitty job again (and someone once said "If you love your job you've never worked a day in your life"), you get bored because everything is closed, and then you drink too much, have no plans, take your pants off and lie in bed putting on red lipstick and taking pictures of yourself because you're a drunk narcissist.
I want to shave some of my hair off ...

Aug 21, 2010

Feathers and Wood

Yesterday KP and I went to a furniture store then wreaked havoc in Homesense (but we had to go to the far away Homesense lest we become too enticed by the close one that is in conjunction with Winners ... oh fairly priced designer handbags are my true love). Anyways, it was hilarious, we both just went nuts picking tons of crap to decorate the new credenza thingy from my Grandma's house that now lives in our family room. We bought a ton of stuff but what we kept was a stunning sparkly feather and twig display in a vase (that I'll take credit for), an amazing copper-ish glass lamp with a linen lampshade (again I'll take the credit for that one) and a huuuuuge black and greenish-grey plate (KP won for that one). (Final score, BK: 2, KP:1).
Back to the outfit, I wore this on my date with Becky and Sylvia to the museum of Nature.
Black and white patterened sleeveless top (KP's closet), mauve tulip skirt ($10 Urban Outfitters), black American Eagle flats vs. mauve platform sandals ($20 Target), and KP's camel wide leather belt vs. braided leather men's belt.

Aug 18, 2010

Boxcar Racer

Boxcar racer is such an awesome band, (Letters to God ... ill fuckin song) I used to be so into them, and I probably haven't listened to them in a year, but they just came on my shuffle; thanks iPod!!
Beige linen button-down romper ($8 Value Village), Gabby's vintage belt, black canvas and cork wedges (but would also be cute with my canvas wedges no .. too much canvas?), wooden earrings (Ardene).

Feeling Yourself Disintegrate

So I just joined Gilt Groupe .. it's a website that offers designer fashions for mads cheap, and you can find really bomb ass vintage and rare stuff. You have to be "invited" to join though haha, it's such a pretentious crock of shit, but anyways I've got my "membership" now. And they have such amazing clothing, you can honestly find anything, the craziest things! This is going to be so very dangerous for my unemployed wallet.
Black Joe Fresh dress (with pockets .. yes pockets so I can keep my keys, cellphone and tissues in there, and also tampons cuz .. well that's the life of a a girl) $10 Value Village, Gabby's vintage belt, black and cork platform wedges (Payless), leather bag (Winners), wooden earrings ($5 Claires), white plastic flower ring (42 Smart Set).

Lover's Spit

Some days are good, some days are bad, You just have to choose which ones you'll hold on to and which ones you are willing to let go of.
Bare feet (cuz it's summer and I was just running around the house), brown Joe Fresh skirt (which I'm wearing as a tube top dress), brown studded belt from KP ($2 Ardene), orange and brown bracelets ($10 from some store in NYC).

Tears For Fears

Still on an 80's music kick. Last weekend Boy and I had my friend Gabby and her boyfriend Kris over for a pre-drink before we went to a pool hall for Dave's birthday. It was so much fun and it turns out our boys are madly in bro-love for eachother, it's cute they got along so well.
More news, just found out that my office is closing until the middle or end of September .. making me unemployed for more than me and my bank account are comfortable with. Eff, it sucks especially because I'll really have to crack down and make sure I don't dip into my savings account, but the girls and I were planning our annual, summer Montreal shopping trip for right before school. I may not be able to go, which will suck, because it's like a family vacation <3.
Shoes: Beige platform sandals ($20 Target), Paris Blues skinny jeans ($8 Value Village), green tank top (Dynamite), camel crochet sweater ($6 Value Village), Gabby's fabulous vintage belt (that she'll have to pry out of my cold dead hands to get back :P)

Aug 9, 2010

Walk Like An Egyptian

Zebra print toe nails!!! I used a fancy paint brush .. may or may not have ruined it. Oops.
Going to the bar with boy tonight!
Went on such a good run this morning, ran to the old folk's home, then back through these back streets. Becky's suggestion. We're trying to eat healthier together, so far that means steak, chocolate and red wine .. oops, I guess last night doesn't count.

Aug 4, 2010

Rock n Roll was About Love

I'm turning into my dad. But no seriously, I'm going through my "Eighties Rock" playlist and it really made me think about how rock has changed. It used to be about love, like true love, finding love, making love, losing love, it was so real. I think sometimes we forget about love, we don't appreciate or value it, it downplay love, we forget how dependence upon another person can be a good thing, and we are so proud of ourselves for being independent, professional and successful. I wrote in my diary when I was 14 years old that my ideal future would be to be living, dirt poor, in the country, madly in love with someone, growing my own vegetables and travelling. Was that naive childish innocence, or have I become so caught up in everything else that I've forgotten the power of the thing that was so important to me, that I tattooed the word on my body.

Anyways, I know one thing, I do love clothes :) This is a pink floral, racerback/sippered tank top ($35 Urban Outfitters), Gap jeans (Value Village), beige wedge sandals ($20 Target), pink studded fringe purse ($12 H&M) and turquoise and gold bracelet ($5 Urban Outfitters).

Aug 2, 2010

Dock on the Bay

Went to Hilary's cottage with her family and had such a blast. Got mad lost on the way up there, it was a scarring experience. But all in all had a hilarious, shit-show of a weekend with Hil and her fam.
This summer has been bomb, it's almost over but I'm tots satisfied with the whack-ass adventures I have been on.
Today, since it's a civic holiday and most of us don't work, the girls and I are taking a road trip to a beach in Quebec, we're packing a picnic, then on the way home we're going to hit up an SAQ, buy some cheap booze and smokes and find POUTINE!!!! Yumyum <3