Aug 21, 2010

Feathers and Wood

Yesterday KP and I went to a furniture store then wreaked havoc in Homesense (but we had to go to the far away Homesense lest we become too enticed by the close one that is in conjunction with Winners ... oh fairly priced designer handbags are my true love). Anyways, it was hilarious, we both just went nuts picking tons of crap to decorate the new credenza thingy from my Grandma's house that now lives in our family room. We bought a ton of stuff but what we kept was a stunning sparkly feather and twig display in a vase (that I'll take credit for), an amazing copper-ish glass lamp with a linen lampshade (again I'll take the credit for that one) and a huuuuuge black and greenish-grey plate (KP won for that one). (Final score, BK: 2, KP:1).
Back to the outfit, I wore this on my date with Becky and Sylvia to the museum of Nature.
Black and white patterened sleeveless top (KP's closet), mauve tulip skirt ($10 Urban Outfitters), black American Eagle flats vs. mauve platform sandals ($20 Target), and KP's camel wide leather belt vs. braided leather men's belt.

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