Dec 14, 2011

Brighter than the Sun

I know I said I'm done with tats, and I certainly don't need to become a nautical-themed shrine to the ocean, but I waaaaaaaaant. this. ink.

Boys Like You

Boys Like You - 360 ft. Gossling

Watch this vid :) It's my new favourite song. Reminds me of boyfriend, just how the guy laughs at the end. Cute. Anyways it's a good tune.
And I have decided to eschew the high-waisted belts of the current fashion, and go for big low-slung belts that make my hips look huge. But whatever #swag.
Grey knit stockings, black button down shirtdress (Jacob), belt stolen from KP's closet, yellow enamel cuff (also KP's), wooden earrings (found them somewhere in the Byward Market many years ago)

Exams are killing me, I've got 1 down, 2 to go, then BOYFRIEND. I can't wait, I know I've mangled this blog by talking non-stop about how much I miss him, but I figure it's better than rambling on and on about it in person to all my biddies and fam, although I'm sure I do that too. Anyways. FOUR. DAYS. I'm dyinggggg :) Excited.

Dec 10, 2011

Wagon Wheel

 KP's Steve Madden boots ... too big :( so sad
 A weeeeeek until my baby comes
Red and grey jersey knit wrap dress (Jacob), Betsey Johnson Stockings, vintage cowboy boots. Gramma's dog tags, red listickkkkk.

Dec 8, 2011

Raspberry Leaf Tea

Things I've done today:
Burning incense, listening to Joan Baez, painting the Goddess Kali, trying on dresses, went to the gym, played with my dog, made fresh spinach pesto, went grocery shopping, drank my body weight in tea, reading The Birth House, watching wedding dress shows...

Things I should have done today:
Study, go to work.

Dec 6, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

White sand
Coconut oil
Faded quilts
Silver bangles
Handmade soap
Organic avocado
Stained glass
Cobalt Blue
Sea salt

India ink

Dec 5, 2011

Baby Doll

It was my baby sisters birfday this weekend!! The big 21. We celebrated with a pre-drink at her place then went to Junxion and danced our asses off/animal faced at men.
 Aaaand obvi she's the hottest biddie in the club.
And very classy too!
Love you sissie <3 Hope this year is your best one yet!

Chris and Sid

Are my favourite Skins characters. And Chris loves fish. So great.
 Navy blue backless American Apparel dress (I've been doing my squats motherfuckers :) ) Calvin Klein knit tights, blue stud cuff (Jacob), studded belt (borrowed from KP) and studded purse (Dynamite)
Green knit oversized hoodie (Sportsgirl .. omg I miss shopping at Sportsgirl soooo much), black tank, lilac mini skirt (Urban Outfitters), Betsey Johnson stockings (Winners), vintage cowboy boots (Value Village).

Dec 2, 2011

The world goes round

 Red Dress (Topshop from vv)
Yellow floral bustier mini dress (Peter Heart from vv)