Jan 27, 2012

Move Like You Want To

So I tried to put together some going out outfits that I can refer to ahead of time instead of always wearing that sparkly green tank top and jeans haha. Then I realized how fuckin boring my clothes are! No colour!
 Cream tank with button detail down the back (Bardot $50), skinnies (VV), La Senza "Hello Sugar" perfume, red MAC lippy, red Essie polish, pink fringe purse (Urban Outfitters), studded skinny belt, white Guess watch,  ash necklace, mauve peep-toe wedges.
 Cream blouse (Smart Set), embellished navy and gold mini (Winners), studded purse, mauve peep-toe wedges, ombre fringe earrings, pendant necklace, red lippy, grey polish, oversized stud ring.
 Black ruched mini, white silk and sheer top, gold necklace, leopard print clutch, red patent leather mary-jane stiletto's (Roberto Vianni), gold sparkly headband, white and black enamel stud cuff bracelet, red Essie nailpolish, red lippy, sheer black stockings.
 Black tiered zip top, grey silk mini, studded bag, claw bracelet, pearl necklace.
 Grey wool midi skirt, white and navy backless t-shirt, leather pouch, red lippie and polish, 4-strand brown beaded necklace.
 Red ruched tank (Dynamite), suede and chain purse (le CHateau), blue enamel stud cuff (Jacob), Roberto Vianni stiletto's, mauve nailpolish, Dsquared perfume, vintage two strand pewter necklace (the Vintage show in Ottawa).
Red tank, blue skinnies, mauve peep-toe wedges, claw bracelet, leopard print clutch, blue enamel stuff cuff, white and navy fringed scarf (Smart Set), clear beaded necklace.

Jan 26, 2012

Protect Our Waves

 Got dressed and put on makeup for the first time in a week! Black shirtdress (Walmart many years ago), grey tights (Walmart, early high school era but they still fit), woven leather belt (Value Village), bronze cuff (VV), blue stone necklace (Ardene).
 Same black shirtdress, crochet and leather belt, bronze cuff bracelet, gold collar necklace ($1 Value Village), red Sally Hansen nailpolish, distressed leather Michael Kors bag.
Cream blouse ($40 Smart Set), woven leather belt (VV), navy blue bandage skirt (VV), camel suede desert shoes ($25 Asos), silver claw bracelet (VV), leather pouch thingie (VV), silver 3-strand necklace (Forever 21).

Ughh still in so much pain. Switched up my oxy for good ol' T3's though - they make me much less crook.

Jan 23, 2012


I got my tonsils out them little bastards! But to be honest, if I could go back I'd rather have tonsilitis ten times over than go through that operation again .. My god it was horrible.
And I could ramble for days about my horrible percocet dreams .. everything was monsters and snakes and giant sandwiches filled with worms. Nasty!
Anywhoo, I have soo soo many pretty things I will post pictures soon.
New dresses and tops and blouses, and bra's and perfumes! And a $30 dollar candle .. But it smells like Buddha's farts so it's heavenly :) Noms.
 Grey silk Jacob skirt, CK tights, black ruffled button down blouse from Costa Blanca a million years ago, wooden globe ring, gold collar necklace from Value.
Favourite white cotton sweater from Value - feels like a beach sweater, and god damn I'm missing beaches right now. This time last year I was backpacking my way up the coast of Australia.
Ugh how I miss it!

Also another couple of days of school, not unhappy about it, cuz I feel constantly drunk and my head is buzzing nonstop, and I still can barely speak, but missing works sucks, I'm already broke and have a retail problem so .. bad equation.
Oh, and speaking of school, I dropped an awful grad class, so now I'm behind. It sucks and I'm embarassed but I'll kill an easy class over summer school, be done by July and graduate at a ceremony in November. No big deal, except it's a waste of $500. Oops.

Jan 7, 2012

End of the World

Boyfriend came and left, we had an amazing time together, it wasn't always easy but we had fun and appreciated being with each other every single day. Complications arose and our visit got cut a week and a half short :( Sad for both of us, we only got two weeks together and now we're back to missing each other and skyping and texting. But we learned a lot and got a huge reality check on our relationship and what we want out of our lives.
He's still my world and we are very much in love, so our Christmas, while being unexpected was still amazing and I wouldn't change it for the world.
 We went clubbing with the crew at Patty B's.
 Stayed at several hotels, this was the Lord Elgin, our first day back together.
 Swarovski crystal bracelet that he bought me for xmas.
 KP's birthday dinner :) Love you mummyyy
New Years Eve '11. Fun, low-key party then slumbie with S&M .. Not like sado-masochism ... but like my girls.. Awks...
Now school has began again, thesis is eating me alive, deadlines are looming. Spending lots of time with my biddiehoes and my fam. Just what I need :)


 Comfiest everrrrr. White cotton hoodie, indigo skinnies ($4, $2 Value Village), yellow ugg slippers, bullet pendant necklace (etsy), claw cuff bracelet (Value Village).
 Black slouchy boots (le Chateau), grey wool midi skirt (Smart Set, xmas pressie from S), black knit Billabong tank (Value Village $3), Michael Kors bag ($400), brown felt sun hat (Smart Set)
Wooden globe ring from KP :)