Jan 26, 2012

Protect Our Waves

 Got dressed and put on makeup for the first time in a week! Black shirtdress (Walmart many years ago), grey tights (Walmart, early high school era but they still fit), woven leather belt (Value Village), bronze cuff (VV), blue stone necklace (Ardene).
 Same black shirtdress, crochet and leather belt, bronze cuff bracelet, gold collar necklace ($1 Value Village), red Sally Hansen nailpolish, distressed leather Michael Kors bag.
Cream blouse ($40 Smart Set), woven leather belt (VV), navy blue bandage skirt (VV), camel suede desert shoes ($25 Asos), silver claw bracelet (VV), leather pouch thingie (VV), silver 3-strand necklace (Forever 21).

Ughh still in so much pain. Switched up my oxy for good ol' T3's though - they make me much less crook.

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