Jan 7, 2012

End of the World

Boyfriend came and left, we had an amazing time together, it wasn't always easy but we had fun and appreciated being with each other every single day. Complications arose and our visit got cut a week and a half short :( Sad for both of us, we only got two weeks together and now we're back to missing each other and skyping and texting. But we learned a lot and got a huge reality check on our relationship and what we want out of our lives.
He's still my world and we are very much in love, so our Christmas, while being unexpected was still amazing and I wouldn't change it for the world.
 We went clubbing with the crew at Patty B's.
 Stayed at several hotels, this was the Lord Elgin, our first day back together.
 Swarovski crystal bracelet that he bought me for xmas.
 KP's birthday dinner :) Love you mummyyy
New Years Eve '11. Fun, low-key party then slumbie with S&M .. Not like sado-masochism ... but like my girls.. Awks...
Now school has began again, thesis is eating me alive, deadlines are looming. Spending lots of time with my biddiehoes and my fam. Just what I need :)

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