Dec 25, 2009

Little Drummer Boy

So it is now officially boxing day and in less than twelve hours I'll be heading to the airport for my fabulous trip to Curacao! That was the big xmas present this year, although I was spoiled with some perfume and nice makeup stuff!
Hopefully I'll take photo's of all my summery, vacation outfits and I'll post anything sober/acceptable on here in a week!
Merry Christmas everyone, drink up and fight with your family

(p.s. quote of the week, posted by a friend on her facebook page: "Single-handedly ruined xmas by being vegan and drinking too much. Fuuuuuck." followed a couple hours later by "Has been asked to ingest only water at Xmas #2." hahahha)

Dec 18, 2009

Plastic Fantastic

This jacket is a crazy gold and black carpet print from Value Village. To make it a little more ironic I threw on a black studded belt and black flats. Underneath I'm just wearing a plain white tank top!

Dec 16, 2009

Our house in the middle of the street

So I'm in the midst of failing exams. And I just received a little message from a very dear friend that made my day. It was just something so unexpected and made me tear up a little. I am always in shock of how nice this girlie is, and how she manages to do SO MUCH good in the world, and still have time to think of people and remind them they are special.I just want to thank her, and all of my friends for being so amazing, and for always doing the most amazing things, cheering me up when I need it, spending time with me, listening to my silly rants, and obvi reading my blog (haha). Hopefully I can learn from my friends, and I know I'd be a better person if I were even half as kind as they all are to me. Love you all

Dec 14, 2009

Grandpa goes Punk

I'm wearing a blue patterned Suzy Shier t-shirt underneath a white and navy blue striped cardigan ($4 Value Village).
To add a bit of punk I threw on my great black studded belt from Smart Set and really comfy stretchy grey jeans ($6 Value Village)
I'm wearing my favorite pair of shoes ever! Purple/brown metallic pointy toe stilletto's that are low enough to walk around all day in.
I've got on my faux-snakeskin bag ($40 Winners --> broke after about 5 uses so it's duct-taped on the handle!)
And of course my daddy's watch and some silver bangles for a hint of music when you walk around :)

(Excuse my face, I'm sick and haven't got make-up on ... yikes)

These are the cute accessories I paired with the red dress.
Vintage glass and gold drop earrings ($10 Antiques Show)
And my Gramma's gold detailed bracelet.
I prefer to keep accessories simple when my outfit pops so much!

Lady In Red

This is what I plan to wear for our first Christmas dinner in Curacao!
This December my family and I are going to the Dutch Antilles!
(Thanks Daddy)
We'll be there for a week and I plan to wear this on our first night out :) Red goes well with tequila don't you think?
The dress is an amazing tomato red with a fun little ruched detailing on the side of the halter neck. It's a great length (just above the knee is a great length for everyone!) I bought it at Value Village for $6.
The shoes are my great little black canvas peep-toe cork wedges from Payless.

Dec 13, 2009

Dream, Inspire.

Just some of my muses.

I loooove the Olsen twins! (I know it's bad but anorexic chicks are hot!)

They have fabulous style and I love Blake Lively's use of colour in a lot of her outfits.

Although I'm sure I'd look just as nice if I had a professional who got paid to dress me in fabulous things :)

Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow

I'd suggest everyone watch this amazing guy's poetry.
I am a huge fan of slam poetry/spoken word, whatever you want to call it. I can waste HOUUUUUUURS just watching these funny, moving, sad, inspiring poems.
Anyways, this guy Rafael Casal is incredible, this might be one of my favourite peices ever and I think it's so important to realize the message we are giving our youth.
He made me cry when he mentions "little girls who think that skinny is a compliment". It's so true, I remember the days when I would die of pleasure if someone said I was thin or slim.
How fucked up is that? Shouldn't we do something about it when so many young girls and boys have eating disorders, are depressed, engage in SI?
Here's the link, watch it you'll be glad you did:

Wildwood Flower

This is my sexy dress, although it's very sheer and was only $15 at Urban Planet I love it because it is flattering and comfy and a bit unique.
The downside is KP left it on top of the hot drier, and it has melt marks on it (ooooh polyester)
It's also very cute with leggings underneath if you prefer not showing your snatch every time you hop out of a cab in public :)

Casey Jones

This green top is so flattering as it is a heavy enough cotton to give some structure without being boxy. I love the wrap detail at the neck, and the empire waist (the back is actually backless with just a big bow)
I threw on some great amber chuncky bracelets that I got in NYC for ten bucks each, jeans and black leather, pointy-toe flats for a touch of class.

Oh Chronic Tree

This is my crazy hippie dress from Old Navy!
Sine I am a huge hippie I love to pair this with a chunky black necklace from KP's closet, as well as hair armpits, no underwear and dreadlocks. For the authentic hippie vibe dance around while burning some patchouli for the true nature girl aura :)

Not so much winter ...

Maybe I'll post some pictures out outfits that aren't necessarily winter, but are nice nonetheless :)
Here we go!
These dresses were both from Winners, the halter one was $30 and the cotton tank strap one was $45. I love them both, since dresses are flattering on every one! And black and white is stylish for ay occasion, running to the grocery store, a backyard bbq or even a nice summer dinner party.
I'm wearing those black canvas and cork peep-toe wedges from Payless that are slightly painful but SO DAMN CUTE!

In love...

So I am totally in love with this woman's fashion blog which is a squillion times better than mine. She has the greatest outfits and amazing photography (not just a shitty webcam like me :))

Anyways, check out the link and I promise you'll die of happiness and spend all your days surfing her site.

Also, I was watching her hair-style vids earlier and tried this one ... It's a bit messy as it's my first ever french braid but I think it's cute for those days when you just don't have time to wash/curl/straighten, but a ponytail won't cut it.

Psychic Chasms

I should probably throw in a photo of my Mom (who will be referred to as KP from now on since you can all see how gorgeous she is/understand why she's more of a best friend EVER, than parent) and my Daddy:)
KP is the inspiration behind all these outfits. We both go nuuuuts for fashion, devour fashion mags, love watching style shows and makeovers and share/steal each others clothes.
She's my best friend and we have crazy shopping adventures, and even crazier sit-at-home-with-a-bottle-of-wine-and-a-movie-night adventures. It's never dull with her around, though it does suck when your Mom is hotter than you.
Hopefully, if she lets me I can snag some photo's of her and some of her amazing outfits to throw on here so you can all see what I'm competing with!
(She also designed/decorated our lovely home, see how chic and lovely the living room is!)
This lady has taste!

On The Grind

I'm wearing a plain white cami, with a nice crystal drop necklace that my bff Morgan got for me for xmas one year.
And this beautiful super thick grey wool swingy, cropped cardi ($4 Value Village), again with my Daddy's watch and some light wash Gap jeans.
Super easy and casual with a hint of sophistication :)

Nothing but beautiful!

This top/dress is navy blue heathered cotton, with silver studs sprinkled by the neckline. The back has a funky zipper, and the shirt has pockets!
I fucking adore pockets!
I will truly get anything with pockets.
I will get a wedding gown with pockets! (Although in my opinion the entire idea of marriage is simply a patriarchal institution rooted in sexist religious ideology)
Anyways, this is GORGEOUS. And it was $45 from H&M, paired with dark wash slim cut Gap jeans.

Young Cardinals

So this is just a plain old black and grey striped top, from Zellers or Walmart maybe.
Kinda boring. But I never go for the sporty look so I thought I'd post something like that.
Props to the chica's that can rock the sporty look and still look rad all day long!

Sleeping Sickness

This top is SO DAMN CUTE!

It was one of my pricier Value Village buys, coming in at $10, but is gorgeously beaded and sequined and embellished. It weighs about 6 lbs on which is nice because I can get a bit of a work out just by wearing it :)

(It might be great to jog in too ... :O)

It's either hand made or so old it's misshappen, because as you can see it's a bit short at one hip.

Either way it is amazing and I'll wear it to a Snowflake Cocktail Party (if I ever go to one :)

Just paired it with boring old dark-wash Gap jeans in the ever-flattering "long and lean" style.


This outfit makes me feel so great!
I'm wearing a little black and white plaid, cowl-neck tank top underneath my favourite grey, slim fitted cardi (Smart Set) with the huge black studded belt and my favourite dark-wash Gap jeans.
I think I look great and it's so nice to have an easy go-to outfit for those days when you really feel like crap.
I wear this one to work all the time, sometimes just switching the tank top or belt and adding accessories.
Again it's a super flattering outfit because the cowl-neck draws attention to my amazing junk (hey I get to brag .. I've only got them up here for another 10 years, tops!) and most importantly your face :)
While the cardi keeps your warm and covered (office-appropriate is key) and the belt adds some fun with the studs and emphasizes a small waist!

In for the Kill

I was feeling super lazy on my way to school so just threw on a black t-shirt ($15/3 Costco), this cool swingy, oversized pendant ($5 Smart Set) and amazingly comfy grey cotton trousers ($2 Value Village)

It's okay to have lazy days, I do it all the time but no one ever has to know you put absolutely no effort into your outfit, just throw on an eye catching accessory and joke's on them :)

Casey Veggies

Two variations with a pair of jeans I never thought I'd own - skinnies!

The left is a cotton Grandaddy button down sweater vest overtop of a plain grey cami.
Gold rosette armour necklace ($3 Smart Set) and skinny jeans ($4 Value Village) tucked into these great waterproof pleather ankle boots (they have great motorcycle-esque straps and buckles) ($20 Giant Tiger)

And on the right, same necklace and tank, but with my Mom's grey belted cardi and purple fringe purse (that was $10 from Smart Set but broke the next day ... sometimes you do get what you pay for)

Ra Ra Rasputin

I loved this sweater from the moment I saw it!
It was on crazy sale ($8 from Ricki's) because it was XXL.
I threw a gorgeous vintage leather cut-out belt over top (thanks Mom!)
And paired it with great jeans and silver bangles.
So comfy and a little bit chic!

Stopping all Stations

This top was super cheap ($5 Charlotte Russe) and I bloody love it, but have been getting nothing but bad reviews on it.
Any input?

Cursed from Birth

I got this black stretchy pencil skirt for ten bucks at H&M!
The grey sweater is from Smart Set, and I paired it with my greyish clear beaded necklace.
Not sure wether I prefer it tucked in or out.

The World Has Turned & Left Me Here

This sweater is long-sleeve (?) or 3/4 length ... maybe... from Costa Blanca and has very unflattering arm-slits.
I threw it on on a yucky day with my fun leopard clutch and comfy jeans.
Am also wearing the black and silver Rocketdog pumps!

Martini Kiss

I friggin love this outfit!

There's something so sexy about wearing your man's shirt
(even though mine isn't my man's ... it was $3 from the little boy's section at Walmart)

I threw it on with some orange beaded bracelets and silver bangles,
my gold pendant necklace,
huge sunnies,
leopard print clutch,
the fav Gap jeans and
AMAZING black canvas and cork peep-toe wedges from Payless (I think they were only $20)

Fitted jeans are so sophisticated when paired with a "I just rolled out of bed and don't give a shit because I already know I'm damn sexy" oversized blouse.

And in certain cases I just adore extravagant jewelry. Some may call it overkill but I think it can be very fabulous when it's the right pieces (and of course when it's done with just a whisper of irony)

Maybe I'll Sleep When I am Dead

Here is a black Grandaddy button down knit vest, Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirt, Gap jeans and my gorgeous leopard print clutch from Aldo.
Paired with black peep-toe super high chunky heel pumps from Spring (a size too small and 2 inches too high .. ouch!)

Semi-Charmed Life

This is my gorgeous navy blue American Apparel backless dress (the arms never stay up though :( ...)
I paired it with a clear glass beaded necklace and red stiletto's, I think it even looks great with a grey Smart Set cardi thrown over top!
Sexy isn't it :)

I Get Paper

So I paired my black oversized heavy cotton Jacob trousers with a fun metallic slate grey tank, a couple silver bangles and my gorgeous, red patent leather maryjane stiletto's.
Fun for New Years Eve perhaps?

Sing For The Moment

This is a black women's oxford that I got in the Plus Size department at Walmart. Paired it with a huge chunky wooden necklace, Gap jeans and the Rocketdog black and silver pumps.


I always have such a hard time finding cute outfits that are comfy, and that don't look ridiculous underneath a huge winter coat (this is Canada after all!)
So here are a couple of my fav winter outfits!

This one is a simple black, t-shirt knit turtleneck, with a couple silver bangles and my fav. Gap jeans in "long and lean".
Although you can't see them I've got on some adorable Rocketdog black and silver metallic round-toe pumps!

Hedonism 101

Hey everyone, so I'm totally obsessed with these street fashion and haute couture blogs, and I thought it might be fun to show some of my fashion (and not so much) ideas and outfits on a blog!
I am a student (aka poor) so most of my clothes have been stolen from friends or are from thrift shops.
Hope it's interesting!