Dec 13, 2009

Psychic Chasms

I should probably throw in a photo of my Mom (who will be referred to as KP from now on since you can all see how gorgeous she is/understand why she's more of a best friend EVER, than parent) and my Daddy:)
KP is the inspiration behind all these outfits. We both go nuuuuts for fashion, devour fashion mags, love watching style shows and makeovers and share/steal each others clothes.
She's my best friend and we have crazy shopping adventures, and even crazier sit-at-home-with-a-bottle-of-wine-and-a-movie-night adventures. It's never dull with her around, though it does suck when your Mom is hotter than you.
Hopefully, if she lets me I can snag some photo's of her and some of her amazing outfits to throw on here so you can all see what I'm competing with!
(She also designed/decorated our lovely home, see how chic and lovely the living room is!)
This lady has taste!


  1. Absolutely right.....she has so many many talents! But look at that hunk of a cop. Holy Cow he is a looker! Any more pictures of him??