Dec 13, 2009

Dream, Inspire.

Just some of my muses.

I loooove the Olsen twins! (I know it's bad but anorexic chicks are hot!)

They have fabulous style and I love Blake Lively's use of colour in a lot of her outfits.

Although I'm sure I'd look just as nice if I had a professional who got paid to dress me in fabulous things :)


  1. 8:51
    "He made me cry when he mentions "little girls who think that skinny is a compliment". It's so true, I remember the days when I would die of pleasure if someone said I was thin or slim.
    How fucked up is that? Shouldn't we do something about it when so many young girls and boys have eating disorders, are depressed, engage in SI?"

    "I know it's bad but anorexic chicks are hot!"