Mar 24, 2012

Cold Sand in Sleeping Bags

 So summer came early!! We got a whole week of 20-30 degree weather it was insane. Now it's back to being normal March weather, 10-15ish. Didn't stop me from running around in the park all night last night with helium balloons. Helium balloons that M sent me for Valentine's Day that I decided to save and only let go (ok I inhaled them ... like a 5 year old) on a special night. Grrreat choice.
Anyways - brown dress from Meg, mauve wedges, camel flowy sweater, brown felt hat, Besty Johnson hobo bag, turquoise pendant
 Same deal with different dress, blue tie-dye silk dress from Value Village.
 LOOK AT THE SUN! It came into my room :) Yayy, so awesome.
 I tried but I don't think mint green skinnies are my thing. We'll save them for skinnier bitches ... aka KP can have them.
 Summer school outfit! Dicked around the quad like this, soooo comfy! Black t-shirt, silky cargo's from Old Navy, grey Toms, gold and turquoise multi-strand necklace (Ardene), Michael Kors bag.
Felt hat and turquoise pendant. Summer accessories!

Mar 18, 2012

All of the Lights

Out of Control

 New green Kensie blouse (Winners), stone pendant (le Chateau), Swarovski bracelet, Michael Kors bag, wooden globe ring, ripped up old jeans, grey Toms.
 Some new spring purchases! Mint green jeans, crocheted tank top, blue tie dye dress, white bustier tube dress, striped shirt!
St. Patty's day was spent party-hopping in Montreal with Gabby, Jizz and Clare. Most amazing Irish day of my whole life! We did it up good, lots of roofs, beer, green pancakes, too much pad thai, random shots, Colombians, bathroom wall scaling, and falling into bushes. Good time!

Mar 16, 2012

Older and Wiser

 Black Calvin Klein stockings, black mini skirt (H&M), knit slouchy sweater (VV), turquoise pendant (The Bay), swarovski bracelet (Matthewww)
 AVOCADO, MANGO AND LEMONS omgomg my life is tumblrrr #fuckwhathaveIbecome
 New dress from Winners, blue silk tie dye, zip all down the back. So cuteee.
Blue tie-dye silk dress, CK stockings, stiletto's with chrome heel (Spring), natural stone pendant (le Chateau $40)

Playing Hooky

 New turquoise printed silk dress from Material Girl collection at the Bay, black cork wedges (Payless), vintage leather mini purse (VV), leather woven belt, turquoise pendant.

New shoessssssssssssss <3 ughh. I'm done buying shoes now.