Feb 23, 2010


Okay, so no outfit today yet, but I just made the best breakfast in the world! I toasted a pita bun (kinda like a flattened hamburger bun, tastier than toast but not as heavy as a bagel). I added sauteed mushrooms, an egg-white, a slice of cheese and a slice of blackforest ham. Damn!!!! I'm practically a chef. I wish I took a picture of it, it was so pretty : )

Feb 22, 2010

I want the money, the cars, the clothes ... the hoe's

This is my "OMG Panick about writing essays so waste time changing my outfit ten million times" outfit.
Wearing my grey Jacob puffy sleeve v-neck top underneath a black and pink plaid sweatervest (Urban Planet), also I've got my Calvin Klein skinnies, black round-toe kitten heels.
Accessories: Daddy's Seiko watch, smokey glass necklace and burnt orange clutch wallet ($12 Aldo).

Winter Beach Bunny

I'm reading this gorgeous book, "The Blue Jay's Dance", by Louise Erdrich, and it is about a woman's pregnancy and birth, and it is so amazingly written, just so powerful. My fav. prof assigned it to us for a lit class that I'm in and it's up in my top 20 books now (which is a v. competitive list byyyy the way)... Anyways, it's so beautifully described that it just makes me want to get knocked up and squeeze out a couple of ankle-biters, but then I remember all my pet fishies (and crab, and snail, and frogs) that I've killed and I think the world might be a better place if I just stick with being a cool aunt :)

Anyways, this ensemble isss 1. My new hair do ($150, Charisma), 2. Black cotton sheer tank top with neck .. hole .. detail? ($15 Mexx), 3. Green/grey/brown superlong cardigan, Costa Blanca ($5 Value Village), my Calvin Klein skinnies and these black, rount toe kitten heel buckle shoes that I bought like a million years ago from Walmart and have never actually worn in the real world...
And although you can't see I've accessorized with my silver drop hoops from ... Zellers? Also bought about a million years ago.


So I am broke and can't afford getting my hair did at real salons, so I went to this place in the mall near my house, and I had an appointment at 1:30, I got there at 1:20 and they told me she was running late and my appointment would have to wait until 1:45, so I said fine and sat around wasting my time, then go up at 1:45 and ask if my hairdresser (who is the owner of the salon) was ready yet, and she says, no give her another 15 minutes, so I said "hell no FUCK THAT" (in my head), what I really said was, "I don't want to make her rush but I haven't got 30 minutes to wait for a haircut today so I'll need to go somewhere else." And somehow MAGICALLY the owner (big hag) appears and says, "Well you haven't been waiting 30, you were 15 minutes late.." Which I was not, she was, so I was like, hell no bitchezz I'm leaving and then miraculously they found me a hairdresser who was able to do me immediately.
Eugh, so anyways it was a new guy and he was actually amazing and did a full head of highlites (which was STOOOPUD expensive), and a little too blonde for my taste but whatever, and then gave me a cut. Anyways, it turned out fine, broke my bank, and I tipped $20 which was less than 15% of my total bill so I felt bad, but then apparently people usually only tip like $5 or $10 ... ? Wtf? Oh well, he better do my hair up GUUUD if I go back to him.
So long story long, here's a pic of my new 'do!
God, sometimes I think I'm too thug for my own good .. I secretly labelled all these photos with Lil Wayne lyrics :P

Feb 8, 2010

Giorgio Armani

BEST FIND EVERRRR. Just bought this Vintage Giorgio Armani blazer ($25 Value Village). I was SO happy when I saw that it was legit as Armani is pure sex!!! Anyways I think it looks hotttt with skinnies, a black tank, some hoop earrings and OBVI pumps!!!
Sooo jazzed about this find!

Eighties Love

So I went VV shopping with KP this evening, it was a madddd sale! I got this great vintage italian black tuxedo blazer with black satin piping all over the back and a bit on the front and sides.
I love it with a black tank, glass necklace, skinnies and black peep-toe pumps!


This is my little monkey kitty cat Norton. She's the cutest motherfucker in the worrrrrld and she's the best thing ever when you're in bed and need a snuggle .. Except she takes up WAY more space than she should for a 60 lb chocolate lab....

I Heart Pockets

To Sami re: frog. "And I put him in my pocket!"
Anyways, this is another variation on the American Apparel skirt and tights combo. I have a blue scoop neck tshirt (Jacob) and have accessorized with a brown woven belt, green bangle and chandelier earrings.

Feb 4, 2010


So this whole outfit was inspired by and (made by) my bff Gabby. She is an amazing art student who is soo down with music, visual arts and fashion. She's mad stylish in an eclectic/vintage sexy kind of way. Anyways, this outfit is totally a la Gabriella. The hair is mine :) curled and super messy cuz I brushed it, the grayish greenish cowl-neck dolman sleeve turtleneck is from her lovely wardrobe, and I've tucked it into the taupe American Aparel skirt with POCKETS (pockets are key). Then I've paired it with a brown plastic woven high-waisted belt.
The one with the no tights is just that outfit and beige/green plaid flats (Aldo), and my brown and black VV bag. The other photo is with brown and cream knit tights from Walmart ($4), and my black American Eagle flats. :) And the green bracelet is stolen from KP's closet.

Feb 3, 2010

A quarter on the fastest horse.

So this weekend I went to the Casino de Lac Leamy (which makes the BEST dirty vodka martini's ever although th bartender if a fucking octogenarian and moves slower than a parked car). Anyways, it was fun, I wasted $20 by always choosing those damn horses that don't win. But it was fun :)
This is not the outfit I wore, but it was one of the contenders :)
I've got on a white Jacob t-shirt, and over top of that I've put a black layered tank top ($35 Smart Set) that I can never wear on it's own because it's super short in the belly and low in the chest and baggy everywhere else. And then I've put my grey cotton cropped-baggy hoodie from Dynamite .. or Jacob? I don't remember.
As for accessories I'm just wearing a couple silver bangles, black and silver belt and my black round-toe slouchy boots from le Chateau that were an Xmas pressie from KP one year.

Best Friends Won't Ever Leave You

This week I learned the strength of friendship. You truly can go through every different type of shit, and best friends just don't leave your side .. they are better than Jesus for-fucking-SURE! And they also don't hesitate when you need a tequila buddy.

This one goes out to my friends, love you all more than anything

As for the outift, I'm wearing a black zip-turtle-neck thingy (Smart Set), and my CK skinnies (VV). I've paired it with these big silver earrings from le Chateau, my Daddy's Seiko watch, black pointy-toe American Eagle flats and this awesome black and brown vintage leather purse ($6 Value Village). Oh and I've also got my beloved coffee-cup that I attacked with butterfly stickers a couple years ago :)