Feb 3, 2010

A quarter on the fastest horse.

So this weekend I went to the Casino de Lac Leamy (which makes the BEST dirty vodka martini's ever although th bartender if a fucking octogenarian and moves slower than a parked car). Anyways, it was fun, I wasted $20 by always choosing those damn horses that don't win. But it was fun :)
This is not the outfit I wore, but it was one of the contenders :)
I've got on a white Jacob t-shirt, and over top of that I've put a black layered tank top ($35 Smart Set) that I can never wear on it's own because it's super short in the belly and low in the chest and baggy everywhere else. And then I've put my grey cotton cropped-baggy hoodie from Dynamite .. or Jacob? I don't remember.
As for accessories I'm just wearing a couple silver bangles, black and silver belt and my black round-toe slouchy boots from le Chateau that were an Xmas pressie from KP one year.

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