Feb 22, 2010


So I am broke and can't afford getting my hair did at real salons, so I went to this place in the mall near my house, and I had an appointment at 1:30, I got there at 1:20 and they told me she was running late and my appointment would have to wait until 1:45, so I said fine and sat around wasting my time, then go up at 1:45 and ask if my hairdresser (who is the owner of the salon) was ready yet, and she says, no give her another 15 minutes, so I said "hell no FUCK THAT" (in my head), what I really said was, "I don't want to make her rush but I haven't got 30 minutes to wait for a haircut today so I'll need to go somewhere else." And somehow MAGICALLY the owner (big hag) appears and says, "Well you haven't been waiting 30, you were 15 minutes late.." Which I was not, she was, so I was like, hell no bitchezz I'm leaving and then miraculously they found me a hairdresser who was able to do me immediately.
Eugh, so anyways it was a new guy and he was actually amazing and did a full head of highlites (which was STOOOPUD expensive), and a little too blonde for my taste but whatever, and then gave me a cut. Anyways, it turned out fine, broke my bank, and I tipped $20 which was less than 15% of my total bill so I felt bad, but then apparently people usually only tip like $5 or $10 ... ? Wtf? Oh well, he better do my hair up GUUUD if I go back to him.
So long story long, here's a pic of my new 'do!
God, sometimes I think I'm too thug for my own good .. I secretly labelled all these photos with Lil Wayne lyrics :P

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