Jan 26, 2010

In Praise of Difficult Women

This outfit consists of my black American Eagle flats, Value Village skinny jeans, oatmeal tank top from Smart Set and black ruffle oxford ($30 Costa Blanca).
I'm also wearing my Guess bag, Guess watch and gold name tag necklace from my Auntie from Afghanistan.
I think it's kind of bitchin.

Jan 19, 2010


Okay first photo is me and my cousin/bff Sami at Sexapalooza. Classy :)
The outfit is a plain black tank top, grey H&M wool sweater (Value Village) and Old Navy jeans. I've accessorized with KP's faaabulous bubble/molecule/metal thingy necklace that she wore to some dumb bitch's birthday party/gala celebrating how fabulous she is.

Jan 13, 2010

Knit to Perfection

This outfit may be a bit cheesy but it's snowing like CRAZY outside and I'd rather be warm and cheesy than sexy and chilly!
I'm wearing a black Dynamite tank top underneath since the sweater is super see through. The cream knit sweater is actually XL from Ricki's, but it was only $5, the only problem is it sheds like crazy!
I'm also wearing my skinny jeans (Value Village) tucked into some "Big Woolies" from Canadian Tire.
I have KP's chunky black plastic necklace (which you can't really see under the cowl-neck), and my Guess watch. The bag is mustard yellow and brass, from Winners.
I should mention that I'll be wearing this outfit with my calf-high Emu's, so only the red stripe on my woolie's will show and I won't look like THIS much of a tool :)

Jan 10, 2010

London Bridges

I'm wearing this outfit to my very first rehearsal! I was very honoured to be chosen to perform the "My Angry Vagina" monologue at Carleton University's performance of Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues", my very favourite book ever. All of the proceeds from our performance go towards ending violence against women.
Celebrate your vagina!!!!
Ok but now for the outfit, I'm wearing my Calvin Klein skinnies (which are quickly becoming my fav jeans!) and have cuffed them up for some retro goodness :) Then I've got on a plain black v-neck Suzy Shier t-shirt and my brown men's tweed vest from Dynamite.
As for accessories I'm just wearing my Xmas Guess watch from Boy, and have this amazing mustard yellow/brassy bag that I got for my 17th birthday from KP (it was from Winners). I'm also wearing the black and brown chunky-heeled peep-toe pumps.
Hopefully this outfit portrays me and my vagina as well-spoken and worthy of this amazing honor!!

Jan 9, 2010

Peg Leg

This is my cute pin-up sailor girl winter outfit. I'm wearing a black and white striped sweater, CK skinnies and my red patent leather Roberto Vianni mary-jane stilletto's.

Vintage Daisy

Here's a variation on my cosy winter vintage look. The purple floral top is from Winners, the green cropped cardi is Banana Republic (Value Village), the scarf is a gold and black paisley ($1 Value Village), the jeans are my Calvin Klein skinnies.
I'm wearing a gold flower necklace and purple/brown metallic stilettos.

Jan 7, 2010

Grunge Rock Chic

I have had this top forever and just never knew how to wear it! I am wearing a white tank top (Costco) underneath this grey and black racerback, jersey cotton tank ($40 Urban Outfitters). I've accessorized with this gorgeous black chain/purple clear jewel necklace that my brother got me for Christmas. Jeans are Calvin Klein (Value Village) and the shoes are my red patent leather Roberto Vianni mary-jane stiletto's ($50 maybe? Joneve).
I wish I looked this tan all the time but unfortunately I'm already peeling! Noooo!

Jan 5, 2010

First Day Back!

I wore this to my first day back at school. The top is a black tunic from Dynamite, underneath I'm wearing a beige tank and the jeans are Calvin Klein ($7 Value Village).
P.s. The word "hysterical" is greek for "uterus", it was thought that a woman's uterus made her crazy, irrational and wild. Hell no, it's you dumbass men who make us crazy!!

Jan 4, 2010

The Dutch Carribean

This was in front of the little wedding chapel on the beach, while in Curacao for a week we saw two weddings here, very nice idea but a little tacky.
Anyways I'm wearing a navy, grey and white striped tube top flowy-skirted dress ($50 American Eagle), my black Payless cork wedges and of course the orange Old Navy hobo bag which I later spilt an entire Bahama Mama on .. niiiice.


The family Christmas vacation to Curacao was amazing, the resort was ok, the beach was incredible and I met some awesome friends.
I thought I'd be taking pictures of all my outfits, but I didn't end up wearing much more than a bathing suit.
Here's one. I'm wearing a turquoise-ish green tank top that ties in a bow at the back ($25 Smart Set), and taupe, linen trousers (H&M brand, $5 Value Village). I'm also wearing my orange hobo sack from Old Navy, a turquoise plastic necklace from Ardene and brown American Eagle flip flops.
This was worn to a dinner, it was crazy hot but linen pants were great because the wind blew right on through them.