Jan 13, 2010

Knit to Perfection

This outfit may be a bit cheesy but it's snowing like CRAZY outside and I'd rather be warm and cheesy than sexy and chilly!
I'm wearing a black Dynamite tank top underneath since the sweater is super see through. The cream knit sweater is actually XL from Ricki's, but it was only $5, the only problem is it sheds like crazy!
I'm also wearing my skinny jeans (Value Village) tucked into some "Big Woolies" from Canadian Tire.
I have KP's chunky black plastic necklace (which you can't really see under the cowl-neck), and my Guess watch. The bag is mustard yellow and brass, from Winners.
I should mention that I'll be wearing this outfit with my calf-high Emu's, so only the red stripe on my woolie's will show and I won't look like THIS much of a tool :)

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