Jan 10, 2010

London Bridges

I'm wearing this outfit to my very first rehearsal! I was very honoured to be chosen to perform the "My Angry Vagina" monologue at Carleton University's performance of Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues", my very favourite book ever. All of the proceeds from our performance go towards ending violence against women.
Celebrate your vagina!!!!
Ok but now for the outfit, I'm wearing my Calvin Klein skinnies (which are quickly becoming my fav jeans!) and have cuffed them up for some retro goodness :) Then I've got on a plain black v-neck Suzy Shier t-shirt and my brown men's tweed vest from Dynamite.
As for accessories I'm just wearing my Xmas Guess watch from Boy, and have this amazing mustard yellow/brassy bag that I got for my 17th birthday from KP (it was from Winners). I'm also wearing the black and brown chunky-heeled peep-toe pumps.
Hopefully this outfit portrays me and my vagina as well-spoken and worthy of this amazing honor!!

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