Dec 26, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas day was awesome, the girst BK and I got KP and Daddy was a hit! Apparently they love Wii! And all my gifts were amazing, my big one was unlimited train and bus trips in Aussie on the Countrylink line. That'll make it so much easier to get around and see all the amazing sights down under, and also will save me a ton of money! Even if I did NO other traveling I would at least need to get from Sydney (airport) to Melbourne (school) and back .. and now my 6 weeks of pre-class travelling will be a million times easier! And also save me money cuz I can take overnight trains and busses and skip paying for a hotel room! Woohoo!
Anyways this is what I wore on Christmas day when my dad's side came over for dinner. Jacob jeans, grey Costa Blanca tank top with a white tank underneath, lilac and pearl necklace from Lisa (the Bay), pink oxford flats (Joneve), a studded belt that KP bought me (Aldo) and my studded earrings from Spring!

Dec 22, 2010

Deck the Halls

So Boyfriend bought me a tree for Christmas :) I was very sad because my parents ruined xmas by refusing to buy a lovely real tree, and instead have a fake plastic one, that is beautiful, but doesn't smell like Christmas! Ugh .. anyways, so he bought me a tree, and then bailed on a night at the bar watching football with the boys to paint 40 walnuts gold and hot glue ribbons to things .. But I let him have the football game on .. on mute .. so we could listen to Christmas music :) Ohhh poor J, he's such a good sport. Anyways it was lovely, we even made personalized photo ornaments (thankyou Martha!) It was the cutest night ever, and today, since I'm finished exams, we are doing Christmas shopping for his family and mine, probably wrapping gifts, and then making pizza and watching Christmas movies. Tomorrow morning when we wake up we are opening pressie's, having a big breakfast with Champagne and everything and probably wearing our pyjama's until like noon! Oh it'll be so great. Then I'm taking him to the train station and he is going home :( Boo, I'm so sad that he's leaving me, and then when he comes back I'll only see him a few times before I leave. This is getting hard, I made my first round of goodbye's with my TC crew last night and it sucked, I love my job and even more I love the amazing people I work with, G, B, L, M, C, Y and everyone else .. I'll miss you like crazyy <3

Finally on Holiday's!

I finally ripped the monstrous shoulder pads out of my vintage Giorgio Armani blazer ($12 at Value Village .. score!). They weighed like 2lbs each, I'm not kidding, and were bigger than my boobs .. well come to think of it that's not really saying much so nevermind. Anyways, it's much more fabulous now, I'm wearing it with a boring black top and boring blue jeans. Boring boring boring. But you know what's exciting? I just finished all of my exams and take-home exams and handed them in and am FREE. It's sooo awesome not to be stressing about school, now I can focus on getting myself all excited for my big trip .. which is in 12 days let me remind you. And also for Christmas with my man .. more on our xmas festivities in my next post though.
but for now, yess, Australia! Land of the surfers, koalas, beaches, and most deadly animals, snakes and spiders .. ew.

Dec 15, 2010

The Kinsey Scale

I've been going tanning .. like the severely cancerous kind .. I feel soooo horrible saying this but I can totally understand why people do it, it's therapeutic to just lie there in that warm bed with nothing to look at, nothing to do, just your own thoughts. I always feel super refreshed when I'm done, also a bit crispy though. I'm actually doing it because I leave for Australia in 19 days. HOLY BUDDHAPANTS .. nineteen mother trucking days! It's coming so soon.
I haven't been feeling very excited for my big trip, mostly because I've been really stressed with school and my relationship with my friends have been strained, it makes me nervous that I'm leaving. I know it's immature but I feel like when I come back there will be no room left for me anymore, or I'll be irrelevant. I have been just stressing and worrying about everything instead of getting all psyched up and trying on bikini's everyday. But last night I went to Georgetown Pub with T and G after work, it was nice, we had some drinks and chatted, and T got me really excited because he's been to Australia so he was telling me stories and tips of where to go and it just made me think about leaving in a way more positive light.
So now I'm excited, mostly. But still stoopidly stressed with school, can't wait until it's over. But the sucky part is that I won't get to see any of my friends right before I leave, the first day of school is the 3rd, I leave the 4th which is a Tuesday, no one is going to want to come out and get fucked and have drunken sobfests about missing each other. In fact I'll probably even go to the airport with just my family. Which is kind of sad, I'd like to group hug all my biddies at once and have a huge lovefest of a memory when I hop on that plain.
Anyways, here's my outfit de jour: Jacob jeans, bue and white striped oxford shirt (Value Village), DKNY grey cardi/blazer (KP's, from Winners), black patent skinny belt ($6 Joe Fresh), black American Eagle flats, brown leather Roots bag ($$$).

Dec 12, 2010

Palm Trees and Power Lines

I just found this awesome floral tank at Value Village and got KP to change the neckline (it was high necked .. looked kind of silly) and it is the softest fabric ever, the tag said it's rayon, whatever that it. But mmm so comfy :)
So I'm wearing my denim skinnies (Value Village), floral tank ($1.99 Value Village), grey long Costa Blanca cardigan (Value Village), brown leather woven belt, Seiko watch, silver bangles, silver spoon ring, wooden hoop earrings, black flats (American Eagle) and pink fringe purse (H&M).
And I can't stop listening to Sugarcult .. thanks to my man .. who is old and listens to this kind of early 2000's pop punk crap. But I love it and I love him. When I'm home I miss him all the time, we just have too much fun together all the time, even when there's nothing to do.

Dec 10, 2010

Teach me how to dougie

Teach me how to dougie
Teach me how to dougie by BrittanyAmanduhh featuring brass jewelry

Leaving work an hour early today! Yeahh :) Friday's are good times. Ugh, I want to cut my hair off, dye it platinum and get glasses.

Dec 8, 2010

Home Is Where Ever I'm With You

Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zero's .. great song, makes me wants to hitch hike and get dreads :)

Dec 6, 2010

Young Cardinals

Tonight was awesome, I worked a super short shift, then came home and made pizza's (even with homemade dough) with my mom and brother (Daddy is in the 'cun with his buddies on a golf vacay). We watched Eat, Pray Love, with Julia Roberts and it was great, obviously not comparable to the book but a pretty decent movie still. And now I'm painting my nails all marbled and paint splettery. they look way cooler in person and you can see all the little swirls and designs .. but here is a crappy webcam photo.

Dec 5, 2010

The Snow Keeps Melting

I bailed on work today to write an essay, my biggest essay of the year but the one that I am the most interested in. I'm so excited about the content I'm writing about, pregnancy and childbirth as a public entity and subject to public oppression, and liberation through non-interventionist birth and home birth with a midwife. And I'm drinking Second Cup hot chocolate. Sooo delicious, thanks G!
Blue floral button down dress, greyish brown wool leggings, black boots (Value Village), grey cardigan (Smart Set), brown leather belt (Value Village), brown leather Stone Mountain purse (Winners).

Dec 1, 2010

Skate-istan: To Live and Skate Kabul

I just found this vid on my girl's facebook page. It's a well-hidden secret but I am totally enamoured with skateboarding. I love skater boys, I love skater girls, I love their tricks, I even love when they fall. Speaking of which my boy is skating at a competition in a bar downtown tonight, he's an amazing skater and an amazing person, and I wish I could go watch him tonight (and all his cute skater friends) but homework calls. Anyways here is an amazing video, looks really intense. I can't wait to see it! Skate on kids.

Copy & Paste this link to watch (I haven't quite figured out how to embed a vid yet)

Nov 30, 2010


Remember that show? Yeah you do .. every 20-something girl with access to a TV in her childhood knew that show. I just rediscovered it, someone posted it in youtube so I have spent the past 24 hours drawing evil sunshine faces while watching every episode of it. Oh Angela ... you were always such a neurotic little girl child, and Rayanne, you were my favourite because you were so badass, but now you remind me of all those kids from broken homes who were just looking for love in all the wrong places. And Ricky ... the most fashionable person on the show. My god how I loves Ricky, with his sweet fade and gold hoop earring and all the vests and loafers and neon socks. The most fabulous of the ugliest!
Anyways, even though it's crunch time ... final papers are due, exams are looming, I have decided to be lazy as hell and sit around doing art, watching 90's TV and listening to Kanye's new album .. yeah it's that good. My lovers are even going on a Value Vilage expedition today... but I have to bail because I have class .. and since it's the last one I feel I should go to make my attendance mark an even 3 out of 12 classes! I aven't even picked up the textbook so what is the point. Eugh.
This outfit from the bottom up:
Blue Seychelles studded booties ($9.99 Value Village), Jacob bootleg jeans ($10 Value Village), black v-neck long sleeve (Smart Set), tweed menswear vest (Jacob), studded bracelet, spoon ring, hoop earrings, and hair all flipped over and pulled back on the side. Man, I still am feeling the shaven side of the head thing, it just looks so great. Oh and my bag ... Roots duhh.

Nov 26, 2010


Runaway by BrittanyAmanduhh featuring faded jeans

I'm obsessed with this song. Kanye .. I'd lost my faith but .. ughh, so awesome.
I want fancy clothes.

Nov 24, 2010

Kings and Pretty Things

Kings and Pretty Things
Kings and Pretty Things by BrittanyAmanduhh featuring a multi strand necklace

I want to go to a carnival at night and eat cotton candy on a ferris wheel.

It was his thumb

It was his thumb
It was his thumb by BrittanyAmanduhh featuring enamel jewelry

Jim Morrison's indecency charges are being dropped in California after 41 years. Some say it was his thumb .. not the other thing.


Wanderlust by BrittanyAmanduhh featuring a black bag

This is kind of what I envision myself running around Sydney in when I first arrive.

Champagne Shower

Champagne Shower
Champagne Shower by BrittanyAmanduhh featuring peep toes shoes

Watch Breakfast at Tiffany's in bed with your puppy and nothing but jewelry draped over you. Light a vanilla candle and write a card to your Grandmother.

Nov 22, 2010

Caffeine Is A Drug

Seriously it is .. it induced psychosis in me tonight ... that or a stress-related panic attack. School is BRUTAL. I am so stressed out with essays and assignments that I procrastinate because I am so consumed with the thought of procrastinating. Anyways, this outfit is a navy blue American Apparel (boo hiss) dress ($45), black Smart Set leggings, black studded ankle boots ($20 Ardene), and a studded grey skinny belt from KP's fabulous closet.

Nov 21, 2010

Reduced from power to romance.

The heart symbol is originally a symbol of the vagina, it was a symbol of freedom, but through centuries of male dominance of social patriarchal influence it was reduced from being a symbol of power to one of romance.

Nov 16, 2010

Coriander and Steak

I made the best lunch today .. simple soup and salad. But my salad was not simple, oh no, it was exquisite. But I'll start with my soup because I ate it first, KP made this weird cauliflower soup that sort of resembled day-old baby vomit, but tasted damn good, so I microwaved it then threw a couple croutons and some shredded cheese on top and broiled it. Mmm added carbs and fat :) And then I moved onto the salad, I used spinach, snow peas, tomatoes, green onion, cilantro, avocado, feta cheese and I chopped up a slice of cold steak. Then I squirted a lime over it and used some garlic and olive oil dressing. It was BAP (bomb-ass-pussy? ... don't worry your fine selves about my g-speak).
As for today's outfit, I'm finally feeling a bit inspired so I paired my zebra patterned black leggings (Smart Set), with my navy blue tank top dress (Urban Behaviour $10), Gabby's Swarovski heart pendant, and my fox fur vest (I know I know, fur is bad. But it's vintage! And it would have just gone in the garbage if I hadn't have saved it .. and I do treat it nicely, I pet it, and sometimes sleep in it). I'm also wearing my black Value Village boots, Seiko watch, silver bangles, and leather Stone Mountain purse.

Nov 8, 2010

So Fly Like a G6

I just passed my final driving test! Woo, I got my G ... and now, even though last year, having a full-G license meant you could have 1 drink and still be able to drive, now they have changed the law to 22 years old AND full-G license before you can drive with any alcohol in your system. Which is ridiculous because I know some 19 year old with their G's who are so responsible, I would trust them to drive my newborn baby around, and I know some 22 year olds, shit I know some 25-30 year olds who I wouldn't trust watering my plants. Maturity and experience, not age, makes a responsible driver.
Also, Marion Barber III is a sexy mofo <3

Nov 4, 2010

Cherry Incense

November sucks, it really and truly does. It is a constant reminder of rain melting all the beautiful snow that just fell, a reminder of my summer tan fading, my hair darkening, and my leg hair growing rapidly. And it is a reminder that I will get NO sleep this month; I have so much to do, essays, group projects, assignments, readings I never finished .. God it sucks, and it is really getting me down. The CU prof's are voting to strike, and unfortunately (even though I think they are assholes for punishing us, the students, for their unfair wages) I almost hope they do strike, so I can get some damn time to myself to actually THINK about my schoolwork.
And this year it's different, usually I just breeze through, a little bullshirt here, a little effort there, and manage to pull off an A with very little effort or stress. But this year I care about my courses, I love them (well maybe not all the time) but they interest me, they intrigue me, and I want the work I do for them to be creative, inspiring, intellectually stimulating and challenging, and useful to me in my future studies. And I have artists block. I simple cannot spew out anything remotely creative. I sat today, for what felt like hours on end, just staring at my empty drawing pad .. and I couldn't think of a single thing I wanted to draw, sketch, paint or scribble. Even my default I'm-bored-let's-draw-naked-people didn't seem interesting.
I feel so irrelevant.
Even my outfit today was uninspired. In fact, I blew off kickboxing this morning, barely managed to make it to class this afternoon, and called in sick to work this evening. I couldn't even muster up the strength to visit my boyfriend on my way home .. and he usually makes everything seem better, or manageable at the least.
Irrelevant for sure.
Australia is coming up fast too. And I'm so excited but also my nerves are beginning to worry me, I have so many doubts and fears and insecurities, but I know if I can actually do this .. move to the other side of the world, where I don't know a soul, and have even the tiniest of a successful time meeting new people, making friends, backpacking without getting murdered, swimming without getting eaten by a shark, perhaps even attempting to stand up on a surfboard, living on my own for the very first time and facing my fears without curling into a ball and spending the entirety of my trip sobbing in bed .. I will feel great and accomplished.
Gabby told me tonight that I will grow up very quickly, being in that situation, and I kind of hope it's true, because as much as I like to think of myself as independent, I'm not, and I've never had a chance to be.
Outfit: American Eagle jeans ($8 Value Village), beige tank top (Smart Set), black ruffled button down (Costa Blanca), black studded boots ($20 Ardene), gold and black paisley scarf (Value Village), orange and brown bangles (Ardene), broken brown watch (KP's sock drawer), leather messenger bag ($300 Roots .. bday pressieeeee thx Boy).

Nov 1, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

What a mess Halloween was, not only did it start snowing INSANELY (which is okay because I spent my first snowfall wrapped in my boyfriends arms, standing on the balcony at midnight watching the snow falling, illuminated by the street lights and moon shine, so romantic). But on Halloween the lovely snow turned to heavy thick slush, and walking to and from party to party, bus stop to bus stop was not only freezing cold, but slippery and wet, and to top that off a car drove past Becky and I and splashed the crap out of us, poor Becky was sooooaked in her tiny white and pink silk skirt (she was a porcelain doll, I was Indiana Jones).
But now that Halloween is over I can finally focus all my efforts on the important stuff ... Christmas!!! Okay that and exams ... but mostly Christmas!! I have already made 2 christmas cd's for my man and my favourite couple K&K :)

My favourite Christmas songs (this week) are:
And so this is Christmas - John Lennon and Yoko Ono
Christmas in the drunk tank - The Pogues
Little drummer boy - Bing Crosby & David Bowie
Carol of bells -Trans Siberian Orchestra
Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley
The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole

Birthday Haul

For my birthday my parents got me (among other lovely and fabulous things) a 60 litre Gregory backpack from Bushtaka. Of course, after trying on every single backpack in the whole store, plus all the ones at Atmosphere, the most expensive one was the most comfortable. And the best part is that unlike all the other woman-specific backpacks, this one is NOT powder blue or some pale wimpy colour.
From my lovely and wonderful man, I got his favourite book, "The Great Gatsby" with a touching inscription on the inside (I can't show you that though because he'd be all embarassed and it's a secret), I'll tell you that it did make me cry though. He's such a sweetie, underneath the lumberjack exterior. He also got me the leather bag I've been coveting forever now, and after a lot of time spent searching for the perfect one we found this one at Roots, it arrived today and the leather smell makes me salivate, it's also made in Canada which is a bonus .. and was shipped in a biodegradable bag! Cool.
So after he hosted my birthday pre-drink, dragged me to Patty B's and then carried my drunk ass home (only to have me demand a hot bubble bath with no bubbles and put Superbad, my favourite movie, on). Good boyfriend. Then we went out with my family to Sushi Kan! It's an all-you can eat sushi place, and also my favourite ever.
Gabby made me a cake and brought it to work for me, which was super delicious and also very special because (aside from my mother when I was 7) no one has ever made me a cake before. My Nanny took me out for lunch at the Wellington Gastropub, which was just the coolest place I've ever been too, it was like being inside a super old train, except behind the bar there were shelves full of records and vintage books. To top it off our waiter had the most incredible curly french-type moustache .. And tomorrow I'm going out for lunch with my Pop, not sure where though.
All in all this whole being 20 thing is pretty amazing, well ... for now.

Oct 28, 2010


I JUST GOT MY ACCEPTANCE LETTER TO MONASH! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :) Beyond pleased with myself, the hard work has payed off!!! Now I just need to (literally) pay them off ...

Oct 26, 2010

Old Age

So tomorrow is my 20th birthday. It's kind of scary to think about, I spent a lot of time worrying last week about how I've been on this earth for twenty fucking years, and have done nothing of any significance or importance to leave my mark .. well that isn't entirely true, I'm sure you can see my carbon footprint from Mars .. man I just remembered I left a light on downstairs, be right back... Okay we're good .. See what I mean? All I've done with my time here is take stuff for granted, and leave a bunch of filth trailing behind me. My boyfriend would tell me I'm have an existential crisis .. this happens to me possibly more than any one I know .. about once a month.
Twenty .. Five times four. Ten plus ten. Fourty divided by two. Nope, doesn't matter how you say it, it still freaks me out. I guess because this means that I actually have to start taking responsibility for myself; I don't mean in the way of owning up to when I break shit, and not doing illegal things as much, but I mean that I need to start being more independent. I guess moving away from home for the first time and going to the other side of the world is a pretty good start for independence. But as that day moves closer to me all I want to do is curl up under my duvet with my dog. I'm scared of growing up.
I didn't accomplish what I thought I would have in my teens, I mean partly I did, if those accomplishments mean having a bunch of amazing, terrible, wonderful, dangerous and stupid experiences with some equally amazing, terrible, wonderful, dangerous and stupid people. I sure do have a lot of stories to tell, just not right now ... maybe in another 20 years I'll look back on all of it and laugh, but right now I just hope that no one finds out about my ridiculous teenage years.
Speaking of teenage years, does this mean that the "best years of my life" have gone by? If they have then I'm grateful that I spent most of them with friends who have been there for me for years, friends who will be there for me for many more, but that's also kind of depressing .. I'm still looking forwards to things! I still want to travel (and I mean more than just do some backpacking and an exchange) I want to love my job, I want to write something, I want to buy a cottage, I want to have kids and grow a vegetable garden, I want to skinny dip, I want to see poisonous animals, I want to meet crazy people and eat crazy foods. I want to learn how to cook something without burning it.
I guess I just worry that my life won't really be remembered as anything significant, and obviously I'm kind of shallow in that it is important for me to feel like I've left something to the world. I guess that's kind of what this blog is about, a shameless self indulgence in narcissism.
But there are some things I have accomplished that I'm truly proud of: making friends who have become family, making family into friends, surviving some important and significant relationships, going on special trips such as New York City, Montreal, Mont Tremblant, Dominican Republic, Panama and Curacao, learning how to deal with the death of very special people, getting good grades in University even though I dicked off a lot in high school, finding something I am intensely passionate about, putting my fears about the pain of a break up aside in order to enjoy the love of an amazing man, being a cheerleading coach and a counsellor (both of which are awesome jobs), and not being afraid to express myself; even though I'm weird and many people won't like me.

Oct 25, 2010

Should be Essay-ing

So I have an essay due tomorrow, for a class that I have been to once, and this essay is worth 50% of my grade. FUCK. We shall see how this goes .. as sooooon as I stop blogging and start actually writing it I'm sure I'll be fine.
This is my fabulous new tye-dye-ish sweater ($50 le Chateau), and jeans and a blue t-shirt. I belted it with my leather woven belt, but it is cute left open and swingy too. I'm overkill-ing this sweater already :) And also now boycotting le Chateau, I bought a top there and didn't like it once I got it home, so tried to return it, but apparently they just steal your money, and you can't return anything there anymore, only store credit. Lame.

Backpacks and Poutine

Saturday, right before my birthday party I went backpack shopping with my parents. I'd gone before with my dad and found a great backpack, but I wanted to check out a few more so I knew that without a doubt mine is the most comfortable. So we went to Bushtuhkah, and I found a beauuutiful one, 60 litres was a bit bigger than I wanted, but I can compress it if it isn't filled, which is a smart idea -I'd rather have too much space than not enough. So we bought it (happy birthday to me) and went on home.
The boyfriend offered to have a pre-drink at his apartment before we went to the bar downtown, so that was awesome, he was so well-prepared it was cute. The pre-drink was like the most successful amalgamation of my friends ever, my Orleans boys, my girls (the Family), my roomies, new school friends, and friends that I've met through boyfriend all came and seemed to really get along with each other, I think a few new friendships may have also started. It's an awesome feeling knowing that my friends all approve of each other, and even better knowing that they genuinely like each other.
Then we went to Patty Boland's, it was great, quite the shit show, and I kind of lost everyone when we left. I guess that's just the nature of clubs, but no body really said bye to me, so bf and I went to Zak's diner to wait for everyone, we got a table and only a few friends came by too drunkmunch with us. Then two other friends came, they were both really upset with their boyfriends, and I was asked outside to go have a smoke and listen to them (even though my food had just hit the table). So I went out, lit a cigarette, and within 2 minutes they both left .. so I was kind of stranded outside having a cigarette all alone, after I'd been asked to come out. I should have just pitched it and gone back inside but instead I overreacted and got pretty emotional. It upset me that people left without saying bye to me, it upset me that not many people joined us at the restaurant after, and it upset me that my girls just kind of ditched me for their boyfriends, after I came out, away from my boyfriend, to listen to them.
So obviously I started crying, which is embarrassing, but I just felt like if I had been a better friend to them they would have understood that leaving me out there all alone would have made me upset.
Anyways, it just sucks to feel like you aren't even a consideration in someone's thought process, but we were all inebriated and overly emotional, and I understand that having boy problems can sometimes get the best of you. The pre-drink was amazing, and the bar was pretty decent, and the next day was just terrible (obviously).

Oct 15, 2010

Learn Somethin New

I held a placenta today. In my midwifery class, it's fresh, not even 24 hours old, and the midwife just pulled it out of an ice cream tub (cherry frozen yogurt, HAH) and told us we could touch it. Now I was expecting it to smell like death or something but it didn't smell like anything, I still was on the verge of throwing up, because let's be honest, it's not the prettiest thing to look at, but once I touched it I was fascinated. To think that a baby was in there, a baby grew up in there, a baby grew up in there BECAUSE of the placenta, a human being who may become a president, a serial killer, or an economist, grew up in this blob of bloody tissue that I'm holding. It was incredibly complex but so simple at the same time. I was shocked at how heavy it was, apparently the placenta is 1/3rd of the weight of the baby, and the amniotic sac was very cool, there were 2 layers. But the best part was definitely the umbilical cord. As soon as I touched it I felt like I had touched the very bond between mother and child, it's so weird to think of it, but you are your mother, or rather she is you, you'll never be separated, because of the way that you, as a human, came to be born into this world.
Fucking trippy my friends.
Anyways, it all made me think of how badly I want to have children, and give birth, and also how very grateful I am for KP, who was only a bit older than I am now when she had me and the bro. Love you mom <3

Oct 14, 2010

The Dirty Old Town

Shane my love. A true punker.
Irish PRIDE (for the minute amount of Irish blood that I have, I am grateful).

Rotten cemetary rank with,
forgotten souls,
Ghosts of true melody dank with,
blushing coals,
Of the fire raked over,
Staining your fingers and tongue.

Oct 13, 2010

Sing Me To Sleep

All I want to do these days is sleep. I'm so tired. The ivory towers are crashing down all around me, eugh my ass is grass - thanks 3rd year. I don't understand how I breezed through first year, and even through second year with just a hint of effort, and a whole lotta bullshit. I guess the difference is this year, if I don't go to class I'm actually missing valuable information. But really, what is value. And what is the point of university? I should have gone to Algonquin, education there is a fucking joke (don't be offended Gonkers, it's true, my professor showed us the teaching mandates for Algonquin professors to instruct their students...hilarious shit, they have no faith in their students haha), whereas here it's like "If we confuse you enough and make up enough big words, you'll think we are wayyyy smarter than you and thus worth the thousands of dollars you are spending at this bullshit institution."
Like yesterday, yesterday I had to go to a speech by Laura Doan, who I'm sure is a smart lady, but who, I'm convinced, is full of shit because she actually said the word "historicity." SPEAK REAL PEOPLE LANGUAGE... god these assholes try soooo hard to outdo each other by using big words (which they claim are useful because they more specifically explain what they are trying to get at) but I doubt that they even know what these words mean half the time.
And the other half of the people who work at my uni are also idiots, they are being paid tons of money to manage my shit, and they can barely do a half-assed job of that without me nagging at them and begging them to get it done 50 million times.
I quite literally have lost count of all the times that I have been penalized and given ridiculous amounts of extra stress because my exchange program lady FUCKS SHIT UP. Bitches.
Anyways, I just keep telling myself that it will all be worth it when I'm waking up to warm weather and beaches every morning (well until I'm in res and then I'll just be waking up to brick walls, but outside those brick walls will be beaches and warm weather!).

Oct 11, 2010


Even when we were children things weren't that simple. We didn't know just how complicated they would get. No point in wishing to go back, only to go forwards.

You do not have a soul.
You are a soul.
You have a body.

Don't Ask Me Why, Don't Know

Chillin in bed listening to my Hair vinyl. Give me down to there - Hair! Shoulder length or longer. :)


This weekend I watched the 1968 movie Psych Out. It's pretty damn awesome, the psychedelic style was intense, and you can almost smell incense while you watch it.
I also decided to hang some scarves from Afghanistan above my bed, I miss having a canopy but I'm not a princess and am far too old to pretend so this is kind of the closest I can get to curtaining my bed.

When the moon is in the 7th house

If I could only wear one kind of shoe for the rest of my life it would be wedges. Chunky, clunky, funky, punky, spunky, monkey, sexy wedges. Oh yesssss these are the shoes I love.
Walk on blocks.