Dec 22, 2010

Deck the Halls

So Boyfriend bought me a tree for Christmas :) I was very sad because my parents ruined xmas by refusing to buy a lovely real tree, and instead have a fake plastic one, that is beautiful, but doesn't smell like Christmas! Ugh .. anyways, so he bought me a tree, and then bailed on a night at the bar watching football with the boys to paint 40 walnuts gold and hot glue ribbons to things .. But I let him have the football game on .. on mute .. so we could listen to Christmas music :) Ohhh poor J, he's such a good sport. Anyways it was lovely, we even made personalized photo ornaments (thankyou Martha!) It was the cutest night ever, and today, since I'm finished exams, we are doing Christmas shopping for his family and mine, probably wrapping gifts, and then making pizza and watching Christmas movies. Tomorrow morning when we wake up we are opening pressie's, having a big breakfast with Champagne and everything and probably wearing our pyjama's until like noon! Oh it'll be so great. Then I'm taking him to the train station and he is going home :( Boo, I'm so sad that he's leaving me, and then when he comes back I'll only see him a few times before I leave. This is getting hard, I made my first round of goodbye's with my TC crew last night and it sucked, I love my job and even more I love the amazing people I work with, G, B, L, M, C, Y and everyone else .. I'll miss you like crazyy <3

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