Nov 30, 2010


Remember that show? Yeah you do .. every 20-something girl with access to a TV in her childhood knew that show. I just rediscovered it, someone posted it in youtube so I have spent the past 24 hours drawing evil sunshine faces while watching every episode of it. Oh Angela ... you were always such a neurotic little girl child, and Rayanne, you were my favourite because you were so badass, but now you remind me of all those kids from broken homes who were just looking for love in all the wrong places. And Ricky ... the most fashionable person on the show. My god how I loves Ricky, with his sweet fade and gold hoop earring and all the vests and loafers and neon socks. The most fabulous of the ugliest!
Anyways, even though it's crunch time ... final papers are due, exams are looming, I have decided to be lazy as hell and sit around doing art, watching 90's TV and listening to Kanye's new album .. yeah it's that good. My lovers are even going on a Value Vilage expedition today... but I have to bail because I have class .. and since it's the last one I feel I should go to make my attendance mark an even 3 out of 12 classes! I aven't even picked up the textbook so what is the point. Eugh.
This outfit from the bottom up:
Blue Seychelles studded booties ($9.99 Value Village), Jacob bootleg jeans ($10 Value Village), black v-neck long sleeve (Smart Set), tweed menswear vest (Jacob), studded bracelet, spoon ring, hoop earrings, and hair all flipped over and pulled back on the side. Man, I still am feeling the shaven side of the head thing, it just looks so great. Oh and my bag ... Roots duhh.

Nov 26, 2010


Runaway by BrittanyAmanduhh featuring faded jeans

I'm obsessed with this song. Kanye .. I'd lost my faith but .. ughh, so awesome.
I want fancy clothes.

Nov 24, 2010

Kings and Pretty Things

Kings and Pretty Things
Kings and Pretty Things by BrittanyAmanduhh featuring a multi strand necklace

I want to go to a carnival at night and eat cotton candy on a ferris wheel.

It was his thumb

It was his thumb
It was his thumb by BrittanyAmanduhh featuring enamel jewelry

Jim Morrison's indecency charges are being dropped in California after 41 years. Some say it was his thumb .. not the other thing.


Wanderlust by BrittanyAmanduhh featuring a black bag

This is kind of what I envision myself running around Sydney in when I first arrive.

Champagne Shower

Champagne Shower
Champagne Shower by BrittanyAmanduhh featuring peep toes shoes

Watch Breakfast at Tiffany's in bed with your puppy and nothing but jewelry draped over you. Light a vanilla candle and write a card to your Grandmother.

Nov 22, 2010

Caffeine Is A Drug

Seriously it is .. it induced psychosis in me tonight ... that or a stress-related panic attack. School is BRUTAL. I am so stressed out with essays and assignments that I procrastinate because I am so consumed with the thought of procrastinating. Anyways, this outfit is a navy blue American Apparel (boo hiss) dress ($45), black Smart Set leggings, black studded ankle boots ($20 Ardene), and a studded grey skinny belt from KP's fabulous closet.

Nov 21, 2010

Reduced from power to romance.

The heart symbol is originally a symbol of the vagina, it was a symbol of freedom, but through centuries of male dominance of social patriarchal influence it was reduced from being a symbol of power to one of romance.

Nov 16, 2010

Coriander and Steak

I made the best lunch today .. simple soup and salad. But my salad was not simple, oh no, it was exquisite. But I'll start with my soup because I ate it first, KP made this weird cauliflower soup that sort of resembled day-old baby vomit, but tasted damn good, so I microwaved it then threw a couple croutons and some shredded cheese on top and broiled it. Mmm added carbs and fat :) And then I moved onto the salad, I used spinach, snow peas, tomatoes, green onion, cilantro, avocado, feta cheese and I chopped up a slice of cold steak. Then I squirted a lime over it and used some garlic and olive oil dressing. It was BAP (bomb-ass-pussy? ... don't worry your fine selves about my g-speak).
As for today's outfit, I'm finally feeling a bit inspired so I paired my zebra patterned black leggings (Smart Set), with my navy blue tank top dress (Urban Behaviour $10), Gabby's Swarovski heart pendant, and my fox fur vest (I know I know, fur is bad. But it's vintage! And it would have just gone in the garbage if I hadn't have saved it .. and I do treat it nicely, I pet it, and sometimes sleep in it). I'm also wearing my black Value Village boots, Seiko watch, silver bangles, and leather Stone Mountain purse.

Nov 8, 2010

So Fly Like a G6

I just passed my final driving test! Woo, I got my G ... and now, even though last year, having a full-G license meant you could have 1 drink and still be able to drive, now they have changed the law to 22 years old AND full-G license before you can drive with any alcohol in your system. Which is ridiculous because I know some 19 year old with their G's who are so responsible, I would trust them to drive my newborn baby around, and I know some 22 year olds, shit I know some 25-30 year olds who I wouldn't trust watering my plants. Maturity and experience, not age, makes a responsible driver.
Also, Marion Barber III is a sexy mofo <3

Nov 4, 2010

Cherry Incense

November sucks, it really and truly does. It is a constant reminder of rain melting all the beautiful snow that just fell, a reminder of my summer tan fading, my hair darkening, and my leg hair growing rapidly. And it is a reminder that I will get NO sleep this month; I have so much to do, essays, group projects, assignments, readings I never finished .. God it sucks, and it is really getting me down. The CU prof's are voting to strike, and unfortunately (even though I think they are assholes for punishing us, the students, for their unfair wages) I almost hope they do strike, so I can get some damn time to myself to actually THINK about my schoolwork.
And this year it's different, usually I just breeze through, a little bullshirt here, a little effort there, and manage to pull off an A with very little effort or stress. But this year I care about my courses, I love them (well maybe not all the time) but they interest me, they intrigue me, and I want the work I do for them to be creative, inspiring, intellectually stimulating and challenging, and useful to me in my future studies. And I have artists block. I simple cannot spew out anything remotely creative. I sat today, for what felt like hours on end, just staring at my empty drawing pad .. and I couldn't think of a single thing I wanted to draw, sketch, paint or scribble. Even my default I'm-bored-let's-draw-naked-people didn't seem interesting.
I feel so irrelevant.
Even my outfit today was uninspired. In fact, I blew off kickboxing this morning, barely managed to make it to class this afternoon, and called in sick to work this evening. I couldn't even muster up the strength to visit my boyfriend on my way home .. and he usually makes everything seem better, or manageable at the least.
Irrelevant for sure.
Australia is coming up fast too. And I'm so excited but also my nerves are beginning to worry me, I have so many doubts and fears and insecurities, but I know if I can actually do this .. move to the other side of the world, where I don't know a soul, and have even the tiniest of a successful time meeting new people, making friends, backpacking without getting murdered, swimming without getting eaten by a shark, perhaps even attempting to stand up on a surfboard, living on my own for the very first time and facing my fears without curling into a ball and spending the entirety of my trip sobbing in bed .. I will feel great and accomplished.
Gabby told me tonight that I will grow up very quickly, being in that situation, and I kind of hope it's true, because as much as I like to think of myself as independent, I'm not, and I've never had a chance to be.
Outfit: American Eagle jeans ($8 Value Village), beige tank top (Smart Set), black ruffled button down (Costa Blanca), black studded boots ($20 Ardene), gold and black paisley scarf (Value Village), orange and brown bangles (Ardene), broken brown watch (KP's sock drawer), leather messenger bag ($300 Roots .. bday pressieeeee thx Boy).

Nov 1, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

What a mess Halloween was, not only did it start snowing INSANELY (which is okay because I spent my first snowfall wrapped in my boyfriends arms, standing on the balcony at midnight watching the snow falling, illuminated by the street lights and moon shine, so romantic). But on Halloween the lovely snow turned to heavy thick slush, and walking to and from party to party, bus stop to bus stop was not only freezing cold, but slippery and wet, and to top that off a car drove past Becky and I and splashed the crap out of us, poor Becky was sooooaked in her tiny white and pink silk skirt (she was a porcelain doll, I was Indiana Jones).
But now that Halloween is over I can finally focus all my efforts on the important stuff ... Christmas!!! Okay that and exams ... but mostly Christmas!! I have already made 2 christmas cd's for my man and my favourite couple K&K :)

My favourite Christmas songs (this week) are:
And so this is Christmas - John Lennon and Yoko Ono
Christmas in the drunk tank - The Pogues
Little drummer boy - Bing Crosby & David Bowie
Carol of bells -Trans Siberian Orchestra
Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley
The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole

Birthday Haul

For my birthday my parents got me (among other lovely and fabulous things) a 60 litre Gregory backpack from Bushtaka. Of course, after trying on every single backpack in the whole store, plus all the ones at Atmosphere, the most expensive one was the most comfortable. And the best part is that unlike all the other woman-specific backpacks, this one is NOT powder blue or some pale wimpy colour.
From my lovely and wonderful man, I got his favourite book, "The Great Gatsby" with a touching inscription on the inside (I can't show you that though because he'd be all embarassed and it's a secret), I'll tell you that it did make me cry though. He's such a sweetie, underneath the lumberjack exterior. He also got me the leather bag I've been coveting forever now, and after a lot of time spent searching for the perfect one we found this one at Roots, it arrived today and the leather smell makes me salivate, it's also made in Canada which is a bonus .. and was shipped in a biodegradable bag! Cool.
So after he hosted my birthday pre-drink, dragged me to Patty B's and then carried my drunk ass home (only to have me demand a hot bubble bath with no bubbles and put Superbad, my favourite movie, on). Good boyfriend. Then we went out with my family to Sushi Kan! It's an all-you can eat sushi place, and also my favourite ever.
Gabby made me a cake and brought it to work for me, which was super delicious and also very special because (aside from my mother when I was 7) no one has ever made me a cake before. My Nanny took me out for lunch at the Wellington Gastropub, which was just the coolest place I've ever been too, it was like being inside a super old train, except behind the bar there were shelves full of records and vintage books. To top it off our waiter had the most incredible curly french-type moustache .. And tomorrow I'm going out for lunch with my Pop, not sure where though.
All in all this whole being 20 thing is pretty amazing, well ... for now.