Nov 30, 2010


Remember that show? Yeah you do .. every 20-something girl with access to a TV in her childhood knew that show. I just rediscovered it, someone posted it in youtube so I have spent the past 24 hours drawing evil sunshine faces while watching every episode of it. Oh Angela ... you were always such a neurotic little girl child, and Rayanne, you were my favourite because you were so badass, but now you remind me of all those kids from broken homes who were just looking for love in all the wrong places. And Ricky ... the most fashionable person on the show. My god how I loves Ricky, with his sweet fade and gold hoop earring and all the vests and loafers and neon socks. The most fabulous of the ugliest!
Anyways, even though it's crunch time ... final papers are due, exams are looming, I have decided to be lazy as hell and sit around doing art, watching 90's TV and listening to Kanye's new album .. yeah it's that good. My lovers are even going on a Value Vilage expedition today... but I have to bail because I have class .. and since it's the last one I feel I should go to make my attendance mark an even 3 out of 12 classes! I aven't even picked up the textbook so what is the point. Eugh.
This outfit from the bottom up:
Blue Seychelles studded booties ($9.99 Value Village), Jacob bootleg jeans ($10 Value Village), black v-neck long sleeve (Smart Set), tweed menswear vest (Jacob), studded bracelet, spoon ring, hoop earrings, and hair all flipped over and pulled back on the side. Man, I still am feeling the shaven side of the head thing, it just looks so great. Oh and my bag ... Roots duhh.

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