Nov 1, 2010

Birthday Haul

For my birthday my parents got me (among other lovely and fabulous things) a 60 litre Gregory backpack from Bushtaka. Of course, after trying on every single backpack in the whole store, plus all the ones at Atmosphere, the most expensive one was the most comfortable. And the best part is that unlike all the other woman-specific backpacks, this one is NOT powder blue or some pale wimpy colour.
From my lovely and wonderful man, I got his favourite book, "The Great Gatsby" with a touching inscription on the inside (I can't show you that though because he'd be all embarassed and it's a secret), I'll tell you that it did make me cry though. He's such a sweetie, underneath the lumberjack exterior. He also got me the leather bag I've been coveting forever now, and after a lot of time spent searching for the perfect one we found this one at Roots, it arrived today and the leather smell makes me salivate, it's also made in Canada which is a bonus .. and was shipped in a biodegradable bag! Cool.
So after he hosted my birthday pre-drink, dragged me to Patty B's and then carried my drunk ass home (only to have me demand a hot bubble bath with no bubbles and put Superbad, my favourite movie, on). Good boyfriend. Then we went out with my family to Sushi Kan! It's an all-you can eat sushi place, and also my favourite ever.
Gabby made me a cake and brought it to work for me, which was super delicious and also very special because (aside from my mother when I was 7) no one has ever made me a cake before. My Nanny took me out for lunch at the Wellington Gastropub, which was just the coolest place I've ever been too, it was like being inside a super old train, except behind the bar there were shelves full of records and vintage books. To top it off our waiter had the most incredible curly french-type moustache .. And tomorrow I'm going out for lunch with my Pop, not sure where though.
All in all this whole being 20 thing is pretty amazing, well ... for now.


  1. I've made you cakes for YEARS! But nobody wants dessert anymore.... So I don't make them. But IF you are going to eat it, I will be HAPPY to make you a cake, or LOTS of cupcakes. But you will have to eat them ALL.

    <3 KP

  2. haha awhh I know, my childhood cakes were wonderful, to be honest I don't even like cake, I only liked it cuz it was made for me and had a big B on it :) and cast-girl had to lug it all the way to school and carry it around for a couple hours, with forks, a knife and a bunch of plates. which is funny and unfortunate