Nov 16, 2010

Coriander and Steak

I made the best lunch today .. simple soup and salad. But my salad was not simple, oh no, it was exquisite. But I'll start with my soup because I ate it first, KP made this weird cauliflower soup that sort of resembled day-old baby vomit, but tasted damn good, so I microwaved it then threw a couple croutons and some shredded cheese on top and broiled it. Mmm added carbs and fat :) And then I moved onto the salad, I used spinach, snow peas, tomatoes, green onion, cilantro, avocado, feta cheese and I chopped up a slice of cold steak. Then I squirted a lime over it and used some garlic and olive oil dressing. It was BAP (bomb-ass-pussy? ... don't worry your fine selves about my g-speak).
As for today's outfit, I'm finally feeling a bit inspired so I paired my zebra patterned black leggings (Smart Set), with my navy blue tank top dress (Urban Behaviour $10), Gabby's Swarovski heart pendant, and my fox fur vest (I know I know, fur is bad. But it's vintage! And it would have just gone in the garbage if I hadn't have saved it .. and I do treat it nicely, I pet it, and sometimes sleep in it). I'm also wearing my black Value Village boots, Seiko watch, silver bangles, and leather Stone Mountain purse.

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