Sep 29, 2010

They Just Seem a Little Weird

It's been a stressful week and a half, I've been overloaded with school work, reading, assignments, and missing classes .. oh and also getting sick. But the boyfriend came over and brought me roses, which was very sweet of him, and I've been getting more on top of things. Even though I've only gone to one class this week. Oops! Anyways, KP took me out for some retail therapy (never fails me) and I got some cute stuff.

Purple and gold studded dress (Value Village), black leggings which are super thick and not crazy tight .. so they look kind of silly but are very warm and look better with tunics than dresses ($20 Smart Set), Black studded motorcycle booties ($20 Ardene - thanks Mom).
And the coolest ring ever, sparkly ass Crocodile ring ($10 Smart Set).

Sep 20, 2010

Back to Work

This week I finally go back to work at the uni. I'm actually so excited, firstly because my job is really fun, my boss is very laid back and everyone I work with is hilarious and awesome, but mostly because I HAVE NO MONEY ... and an overdue credit card bill, and a $3000 flight to Australia to pay off. Ouch.
Blue and white floral button -down dress (Clothing Exchange), leather braided belt (Value Village), grey cropped sweater (Value Village), beige tweed flats (Aldo).

Sep 18, 2010

Don't Clam Jam Your Bitches

Another school outfit, it sucks sitting in a lecture for 6 hours a day, but I still made somewhat of an effort.
Grey slouchy booties ($60 Aldo), Paris Blues skinny jeans (Value Village), black and white striped off-the-shoulder t-shirt (Smart Set), studded wide belt (Smart Set). Dangly silver earrings.
Braids are back. But mostly because I'm too lazy to blow-dry.

Witch Burning

In my midwifery class (which is the coolest class ever, with the coolest prof teaching it) we watched a documentary about the witch hunt and burnings in the 18th century. This event was named the women's holocaust, as over 9 million women were tortured and burned at the stake for being "witches". These women were shamans, natural healers, midwives, widows, young girls, and even women who were seen "gathering with other women" or speaking to other women. Even an accusation would mean that a woman would be taken into jail, tortured three times(their torture was a public spectacle that the whole village could take part in) and then, if she didn't die of the agony inflicted upon her during torture, she'd be burnt at the stake, also a public spectacle. I could go on but this shit makes me sick to my stomach, and moreover, there is not a single monument dedicated to the carnage of these innocent women.

Furthermore, in the torture of women around the world, two days ago, a 16 year old girl coming home from a rave in BC was drugged, and gang raped by a group of young men, videos were taken and are now posted on the internet. I'm in mourning for this poor girl, and angry beyond belief at the world that this shit even happens. Society for the most part makes me sick and I'm disgusted to even be a part of it.

Sending hope and love to this poor girl, and all women.

Sep 8, 2010

Venus Flytrap

I'm eating a chocolate vagina right now. Yeah, I said it. It's wonderful. Went to Mtl with the bitties last week, it was sort of a bust, didn't buy much, and we all got a bit riled up at eachother (or more like everyone got riled up and took it out on me) bleh. It was fun for the most part though.
Jacob jeans ($7 VV), black Garage tank top, black and white patterened sheer dress (Gabby's), studded bracelet, Seiko watch, grey slouchy booties ($60 Aldo).