Sep 29, 2010

They Just Seem a Little Weird

It's been a stressful week and a half, I've been overloaded with school work, reading, assignments, and missing classes .. oh and also getting sick. But the boyfriend came over and brought me roses, which was very sweet of him, and I've been getting more on top of things. Even though I've only gone to one class this week. Oops! Anyways, KP took me out for some retail therapy (never fails me) and I got some cute stuff.

Purple and gold studded dress (Value Village), black leggings which are super thick and not crazy tight .. so they look kind of silly but are very warm and look better with tunics than dresses ($20 Smart Set), Black studded motorcycle booties ($20 Ardene - thanks Mom).
And the coolest ring ever, sparkly ass Crocodile ring ($10 Smart Set).

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