Jan 30, 2013

Dear readers,
Please check out my new blog! It's just like this one only neater, easier to follow, and much funnier.
see I promise! Same name n everything
Oh, you're lazy? Well here just click on THIS and you will be directed riiiight on over there :)

Jan 28, 2013

Should I Delete?

Wondering if I should delete this old thang and re-start a new fashion blog. It would still be the same idea, my sweet thrift finds and boring outfits, thoughts and meanderings on daily life and being a broke post-grad, travelling young *shudder* adult.
Maybe it's time to be more profesh like all the fab Aus fashion blogs I follow and adore and wish I could live up too..
I'll think it over. In the meantime.. here! Outfits I've been wearing!!!