Feb 26, 2012

Can't Place You

 Fav outfit. Greige platform shooties, green skinnies, black tank, white cropped button down, Roots messenger bag.

 Moccasins, green skinnies, woven leather belt, grey v-neck t-shirt, aviators, gold skull ring.
Minnetonka moccasins, bellbottom jeans, green tank, knit jumper (Winners $1), brass bangle, leather bag.

Punching in a Dream

 Minnetonka moccasins, green skinnies, black tank, tweed vest, Roots messenger bag.
 Moccasins and bellbottoms with my new fav sweater. Woolrich hoodie from Value Village.
 Copper kitten heels, green skinnies, woven leather belt, mustard yellow tank, leopard print clutch, purple and brass pendant.
NEW SHOES, well from xmas, but still new. Black leather pumps with a chrome stiletto heel, black stockings, navy blue bodycon mini skirt, grey waffle-knit cropped sweater (Old navy), anchor pendant necklace.

Liberation Flag

 Skinny jeans, woven leather belt, sheer sparkley navy blue t-shirt, anchor pendant.
 Morning drunk! Stole G's shirt and wore it all day.
Greige platform booties, green skinnies aka Kimpossible pants, white babydoll tank.

Feb 24, 2012

Deep Sea Baby

Somehow I will make this outfit happen .. Must fund a massive green jumpsuit, already have the desert boots, and need a new leather belt .. and longer hair. And also a tan. Dammit.

Valentine's Day

 Gabby's 22nd B-day bash, J, C and myself all swagged out :)
 I wore my blue embellished mini skirt (Winners), black knit tank (Billabong), tights, black boots and KP's treasure bib necklace.
Pressies from M on Valentine's day :) Even from the other side of the world (on different days) he manages to surprise me <3


To my dear cousin :) I'm sorry I've been neglecting this shizz <3
 Jeans, beast, tank top with lace sequin bottom bit ($10 American Eagle)
 Samesies with blazer. Meh.
Old Navy haul! Grey waffle knit cropped sweater, black cotton maxi, suede desert booties, turtle pendant, felt floppy hat, oversized bracelets, turquoise nailpolish.

Feb 13, 2012

All the colours

Bag Raiders

 Kathy's yellow curry top (idk it makes me think of curry .. don't question it just go eat some). Dark wash jeans, anchor necklace, scrunchy hair ah look it worked again!
 Roots leather bag, greige long cardigan, white and navy scarf.
 NEW SHOES ... still love them. I'm obsessed. Vera Wang studded skinnies (check out my ass very carefully and you'll see a row of studs. SWAG) mint green knotted tank (value village obv), anchor pendant.
See my bum?

Mango Tree

 New shoesies!!! Black canvas/cork wedge peep-toe little fuckers. From Payless and so over priced but needed them to replace the pair that I totalled last year.
Greige oxford shooties from Old Navy were SUCH a good deal! Omg I love them soo soo soo much and they are stupid comfy and so sexy and I can't get over them UGH. Yes. YES. Yessss :)

Big Jet Plane

 Favvvv. new outfit. Well not new but .. you know. Greige platform oxford booties, bleached torn jeans, white and peache lace top (Aritzia), woven leather belt, leather bag

 Bellbottoms, leather bag, black tank, white button down tank (from Meggy from Aus)
Look what happens to my hair when I scrunch it!!! Ahh! So exciting! New lazy hair day style bro.

Feb 3, 2012


 Grey H&M sweater with sequins all the fuck over the shoulders (value), Kim Possible pants ... (value).
Mane & Tail ... don't even judge, just buy some and rub that twiggy shit all over your head. Thank me later.

Feb 1, 2012

Bruised Peaches

 My new shoes came :) ($15 Old Navy) I also got some gorgeous silky cargo pants but it's too cold to wear them still.
 Wore to work and Trevor's birthday last night. Green trousers (Jacob), cream blouse (Smart Set), bag (Michael Kors), 3-strand necklace, vintage leather cowboy boots, claw cuff.
 Grey maxi skirt (Sportsgirl), white silk and sheer blouse (Value Village), silver bullet necklace (etsy), Swarovski bracelet and yellow and white enamel bracelet.
Both pairs of new shoes :) The black ones are to replace my old pair - I wore the living shit out of them and trashed them last summer, $40 for a new pair of not too well made or comfortable shoes but they look so cute with everything.