Sep 13, 2012


 H&M dress (Value), fuchsia necklace (Joe), black canvas and cork wedges (Payless).
 Blue pinstripe vintage maxi dress - found at Value and cut it into a mini :)
 Different belt
 My new fav formal dress! It's a silk Gap dress (Value).
 And my new baby! Can't someone just get married so I can wear this magical frock!! From Winners.
It has POCKETS... There's nothing cuter than a dress with pockets


 Blue backless dress that is now ruined by the WORST, rudest, most wildly unprofessional tailor in the world at Fantastic Needle - do NOT go there EVER! Rant over - cute dress though! And the necklace is le Chateau
 Black Bluenotes dress ($10), crochet vest from Morgan for my bday, leather belt (Value Village), turquoise pendant (Material Girl)
 Favourite ever jean shorts - now in the garbage .. one rip too many while drunkenly mowing the lawn.
SMARTICLES! See I can wear no makeup but if I have smarticles on I look cute still!