Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Super funny/angry/misspelled parking threat I found after work today. I have ninja-like parking abilities

Unicorns Shit Don't Stink

Yep look at allllllllll my girly things. Isn't it disgusting. Yet beautiful :) P.s. sorry that the pic of my lovely Value Village haul is sideways, blogger is shit right now and won't recognize any changes I make to new pictures ...
Love youuu.
MTR 47 days :) <3 xx

Oct 30, 2011

All Fall Down

Black shirtdress (Jacob), pleather cummerbund with bow (Forever 21), suede purse (le Chateau), CK stockings and KP's peter pan booties.

Oct 28, 2011

Twenty One Years Later

Well I've certainly had the most special birthday a girl could ask for, my friends threw me a surprise party and took me out clubbing, G surprised me at work with a birthday cake, I went to a lovely Indian restaurant Pearl of India for dinner with my family (ate and drank farrr too much), then we came home and opened pressies (KP and Daddy got me a white and pink Kobo .. and then KP filled them with books with "theme" titles which made me bawl - like Where the heart is, The Happiness Project, P.S. I love you, Lucky, Thanks for the memories, Best friends forever, Never let me go.. I could go on but I'll start crying again). And BK got me a lovely studded clutch and obviously a twixer of lemon rum that we promptly did shots of. Then we played Wii bowling .. which is a lot more complicated than it looks.
But I felt so loved, my friends and fam made me feel soooo special :)
And to top it off Norton snuggled me all night.

Oct 26, 2011


Obviously I've had a lack of anything green in my life (I used to hate hate hate green things ... well like to wear, don't worry mom I always ate my spinach). Well now I'm overdosing on forest green, it's my new favourite colour! The green pants are Jacob (Value Village), striped grey tank (some surfie shop in Melbourne), and cropped blazer (Dynamite). The shoes are KP's greyish/copperish/greenish peter pan boots.

Stabbed by Satan

I've done some serious VV hauls in the past month, mostly while I should be going to the gym or studying, but retail therapy is retail therapy :)
Green skinnies (Value), black t-shirt, grey cardi (Smart Set), leather Prospector cowboy boots ($40 Value ... but I googled them and they go for almost $200 in the real world!!!)

I have this new thing for tights, it's like I have just discovered how great they are, I used to avoid them because when you have to pee it takes like 4 tries to get them off, but really, I'll sacrifice my bladder for some cute patterned stockings.
Blue backless mini dress ($40 American Apparel), black cropped blazer (Dynamite - stolen from KP's closet), patterned tights, and leather cowboy boots.
Also wearing my bullet necklace from Alex King on Etsy (who is an amazing seller and personalizes each piece and ships it in a gorgeous little package with a lovely personalized card - love Alex King!)

Oct 24, 2011


So a friend posted this workout on facebook a while ago and I thought it looked pretty intense but mostly I just liked the name, so instead of getting my ass up and to the gym I decided I'd give it a shot at home, and surprisingly I did pretty well, got almost all of it except the first 70 leg lifts turned into like 12 half-assed ones, and I didn't run for 10 minutes at the end because its too cold outside.
But goal by the end of next month is to do this whole workout :)
Also, note to self, don't eat an entire omlette less than an hour before trying to work out ... not okay.

In other news, S has entirely corrupted me, for some reason I can't stop listening to T.Swift, Carrie Underwood and other stupid country bands. I also have this overwhelming urge to wear my cowboy boots, and possibly go to Cabin on a Thursday - what has gotten INTO me!!
Also J. Biebs has stolen my heart with his little Christmas song, what a tune :) Awhh he's so cute who could resist.

Oct 23, 2011

White Girl Wasted

I'm still in afterglow from my birthday party :) Soooo muchhhh funnnnn <3

Before hand, when I thought I was just going out with Bex on a date, I couldn't figure out how to wear this dress! It's from Forever21 from a couple years ago, so I paired it with my camel leather studded skinny belt, woven leather belt, cowboy boots (VV), grey booties (KP) and seeeeexxxxxxyyyyy platform wedges (some store in Melbourne).
The lovely wine glass is KP's happy glass :) Hand painted you know

Oct 22, 2011

Magic Bus

I have the best friends in the world :) Threw me a surprise 21st birthday party and I had. no. clue.
Cupcakes and jello shooters and wine and soooo. muuuuch. loooove. from everyone :) I'm a lucky bitch.
It was soooo much fun and my biddies and broseph's are soooo gorgeous and so fun and I love you all, thanks for everything<3

Oct 21, 2011

Total Body Pain

Okay that laughable 4 minute workout legit killed me, I'm sore everywhere! Unbelievable.
This is what I attempted to do today, mostly I spent the whole time lying on the floor, and I beaned Norty in the head! Not on purpose, she got really excited and ran up to me while I was doing leg circles.. Sorry pup.

Oct 18, 2011

Lazy Day

I bailed on my Tuesday yoga session to make homemade spinach pesto instead :) It was the right choice. Except no one ever tells you that if you throw half a carton of spinach leaves in the blender it won't actually blend ... So I slap-chopped the shit out of them leaves, then slap-chopped this shit out of some garlic and pine nuts. And then threw it in a container with some lemon juice, olive oil and salt and shook it up. I won't say it's pretty but its noms!
And now, because I used the majority of my daily effort doing that, I'm lazy and unconvinced that getting dressed would be a valid use of my time ... So I'm looking a hot mess in a baggy-ass Value Village jumper that is SO comfyyyy. And jeans that don't fit. And wet hair, and last-nights undereye mascara stains. I look like a walk of shame. But the only thing still in my bed this morning is my dog. And her snoring.
Well better go do some readings, as lazy as I am in the clothes department I still have a teeny bit of willpower to read about reproductive rights and third world development. Woo women's studies for the win :)

Oct 14, 2011

The Royal Flush

Oh my little baby Eggs has died, M and his friend C found him, drowned yesterday morning. He had a lovely burial at sea I am told. Sadsies. But not that sad cuz I always liked Bacon way better anyways.
Bad mom .. playing favourites.

Oct 13, 2011

Swerve like Alcoholic

My Macbook is dying. It's because Steve Jobs is dead :( Wahh. It's just such a piece of shit, well it didn't used to be but it's like over 4 years old now so I'm not surprised. Just not excited to drop a k on a new laptop.
On my way to an exam this morning. Social action and collective movements, mostly just on Civil Rights movement and stuff, pretty interesting but the theories suck and are boring and I am quite unprepared. Oh welll.
And summer is offish over - it's rainy and cold and nights get freezing.
White cable knit tunic, grey trousers, brown studded belt.
Guilty hair pleasure: Mane 'n' tail .. k I know it's not for white girl hair but it smells soooo goooood, and it's nicer than using hair spray.

Oct 12, 2011

Sultans of Swing

How the hell does one wear harem pants without looking like an asshole?

Oct 8, 2011

New Girl

Had a massive Value Village haul today, but on a budget, like more budget than normal VV budget. I had a massive cart-full of clothes, and spent literally an hour and a half in the fitting rooms. Although the lovely vv biddies putting all my discarded skirts back on the rack told me I had great style :) What do they know, but still, so lovely of them.
Bought a purple and black tie dye weird length skirt, and was just about to chop it off into a mini when I pulled it up, belted it and voila, cuper cute tube top dress. Also bought a massive bib necklace with KP, and when I say that I mean she bought it and I promptly snagged it off her. It's super gorgeous and blue with copper and shiny bits. Love it.
I also bought these massive old lady floral pants that I chopped off into ironic bloomer type shorts (which is fitting because today is the warmest Thanksgiving weekend I have ever experiences, like 25 degrees!). I also bought an olive green silky maxi skirt that must have been someone prom or wedding attire at some point. And then I got a pink button down chunky knit cardigan and a beige cable knit kind of ripped up cardi as well - and because I let the lovely cashier pick my outfits (I had like 15 things and could only buy a couple so I let him choose) he gave me a discount. Sweeeeeet.

You Can Have Your Sweaters & Your Heels Back

Oct 7, 2011

Friday Again

It's Friday of the thanksgiving weekend. And I have no plans. Lame. Everyone's going on dates with their boyfriends and crap.
Having a shit day and it has barely begun. Shitty dream this morning, bf didn't call me, shitty workout, spilled hot tea on myself, have nothing to wear, having a shitty hair day.

Oct 5, 2011

You're the Apple of my Eye

Grey sportsgirl maxi skirt (thrifted from Scavengers in Melbourne $12), red plaid Gap shirt (thrifted from Value Village), black and white enamel studded cuff (Forever 21), gold rose plate necklace (Smart Set), grey boots (stolen from KP).
It is officially fall now, today has been the first really beautiful fall day this year, bright and sunny and crisp, the trees are changing colours and crunchy leaves are all over the place. Amazeballs :) I do love fall, except that it leads to winter which I can't deal with for more than a month!
P.s. my pink nailpolish smells like cotton candy. It's the best. I also painted it all over my blackberry :) So now my cell always will smell like cotton candy. NOMS!

Come to the Desert

pink nailpolish

maxi skirts


chunky knits

white chocolate latte

diamond studs

vanilla candles

embellished pillows

Oct 4, 2011

We Are the Kids Your Parents Warned You About

Sea of Sand

I don't think I have ever been to a desert. I'm so desperate to go though, when I was 14 I watched The Doors movie with Val Kilmer, and ever since I have had this longing to go and be crazy in the desert.
One of my favourite books, "The Glass Castle" by Jeanette Walls has some great desert descriptions, Walls' parents are totally in love with the desolate, mad desert, and all the adventure and endless opportunity for living off the grid and finding god in a speck of sand. It seems intense and spiritual and fucking crazzzaaaaayyyyy. I mean scorpions people. And cactus! And oasis' and tiny little brilliant bits of life that no one ever meets or acknowledges like we do the one ant that we see crawling over our toe in the backyard.

Great music video and one of the best songs ever: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's "Home". I know it's cliche and overused but I still love this song.

Oct 3, 2011

Dodgy Bob

M is on training right now at Cerberus for 2 weeks. Poor boy has to drive all the way to Melbourne and I'm not even there this time :( I miss him so much but I'm so proud of him, doing all his training and passing his exam - like a bawss! It's been so hard dealing with being apart, we're missing a lot of the things that any normal couple could do, and all we have to rely on is skype and phone calls and emails and memories of the past. And the time-difference is so difficult, I wake up early as possible to catch him before he goes to sleep, and by the time he's on a lunch break I'm falling asleep in bed. But it's probably for the best, I know he is focussing on work right now, and I'm concentrating on finishing (and hopefully passing) me studies. So not having a constant distraction is good, but sometimes I just think it would be easier if I were doing my research leaning against his chest.
I'm counting down the days until he gets here though :) 2 and a half months to go - it's not that long now!
Other than that I finally submitted my Thesis Proposal, which is exciting yet terrifying - I hope that everything goes well and I'm permitted to continue on with my research, otherwise I'll have to start again or drop the class and wait until summer to cram the whole thesis into 2 months of writing. Scarryyyy.
(P.s. I'm sorry honey, I had to it's just so cute)

3/4 Shoreline

Went on a massive Value Village binge a few days ago - still trying to sort out all the gems I found. One of my fav's was this blue and white polka dot button-down maxi dress with long sleeves and sunflowers all over it, obviously KP mangled it when I asked her to hem it, but it's okay - has been salvaged and is now a super long overshirt type thing. Whatever it looks damn hot with my fur vest.
Yes it's real fur, yes I know it's bad, but I got it vintage and to be fair it's already dead and I'd rather use it to keep me warm than have it defaced by some peta extremists, or thrown in the bin somewhere.
I also found this fab blue button-down sleeveless dress, a bit short on the sides where it dips up but I think it'll be fine for summer and as long as I wear it with stockings in the winter it shouldn't be too scandalous.