Oct 5, 2011

You're the Apple of my Eye

Grey sportsgirl maxi skirt (thrifted from Scavengers in Melbourne $12), red plaid Gap shirt (thrifted from Value Village), black and white enamel studded cuff (Forever 21), gold rose plate necklace (Smart Set), grey boots (stolen from KP).
It is officially fall now, today has been the first really beautiful fall day this year, bright and sunny and crisp, the trees are changing colours and crunchy leaves are all over the place. Amazeballs :) I do love fall, except that it leads to winter which I can't deal with for more than a month!
P.s. my pink nailpolish smells like cotton candy. It's the best. I also painted it all over my blackberry :) So now my cell always will smell like cotton candy. NOMS!

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