Oct 8, 2011

New Girl

Had a massive Value Village haul today, but on a budget, like more budget than normal VV budget. I had a massive cart-full of clothes, and spent literally an hour and a half in the fitting rooms. Although the lovely vv biddies putting all my discarded skirts back on the rack told me I had great style :) What do they know, but still, so lovely of them.
Bought a purple and black tie dye weird length skirt, and was just about to chop it off into a mini when I pulled it up, belted it and voila, cuper cute tube top dress. Also bought a massive bib necklace with KP, and when I say that I mean she bought it and I promptly snagged it off her. It's super gorgeous and blue with copper and shiny bits. Love it.
I also bought these massive old lady floral pants that I chopped off into ironic bloomer type shorts (which is fitting because today is the warmest Thanksgiving weekend I have ever experiences, like 25 degrees!). I also bought an olive green silky maxi skirt that must have been someone prom or wedding attire at some point. And then I got a pink button down chunky knit cardigan and a beige cable knit kind of ripped up cardi as well - and because I let the lovely cashier pick my outfits (I had like 15 things and could only buy a couple so I let him choose) he gave me a discount. Sweeeeeet.

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