Oct 3, 2011

3/4 Shoreline

Went on a massive Value Village binge a few days ago - still trying to sort out all the gems I found. One of my fav's was this blue and white polka dot button-down maxi dress with long sleeves and sunflowers all over it, obviously KP mangled it when I asked her to hem it, but it's okay - has been salvaged and is now a super long overshirt type thing. Whatever it looks damn hot with my fur vest.
Yes it's real fur, yes I know it's bad, but I got it vintage and to be fair it's already dead and I'd rather use it to keep me warm than have it defaced by some peta extremists, or thrown in the bin somewhere.
I also found this fab blue button-down sleeveless dress, a bit short on the sides where it dips up but I think it'll be fine for summer and as long as I wear it with stockings in the winter it shouldn't be too scandalous.

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