Sep 30, 2011


Eugh so this week has taken a toll on me for sure, it's been very stressful dealing with school, work and my personal life and trying to get some major assignments done. But I also sold my very first painting ever this week :) A lovely colleague of mine wanted me to do something for him so I did and this is it! Kind of exciting for me.
This morning I went to Value Village for a little retail therapy, damn it worked. They had soooo much good stuff, I had to put stuff back on the rack even though it was gorgeous and amazing, I just couldn't justify spending $100 on used clothes haha. So instead I spent $60 :)
This red hippie dress is so great, I can't decide whether to cut it short or keep it long though, it's kind of awkward and ankle-length, but I love it. Hmm.
Second outfit is khaki Calvin Klein paper bag skirt and ruched black v-neck from H&M with bf's dog tags.

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