Sep 27, 2011

Crime and Punishment

Well another day is half way over and I didn't get a chance to finish all the things I'd written down on my to-do list. Is it a bad omen that I sleep with my to-do list right beside my lemon butter cream hand moisturizer on my night table? Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and have a thought about something I need to get done, so it eases my mind when I know that I can just jot it down and get to it in the morning.
God I'm turning into one of those nerdy university students. Sadly I bought a used textbook yesterday, just for funsies ... it looked interesting.
I'm taking this Soc class that's about Women and Health this semester, and it's turned into one of my fav classes, we have amazing group discussions and everyone participates, plus the readings are pretty interesting. Unforutnately it's turned a bit nasty lately though - people are trying to compete with eachother about who "has it worse", and it's turned into a big doctor-bashing party. Now I reject the patriarchal infrastructure of the biomedical model as much as any good feminist and aspiring alternative birth movement activist, but I also think that doctors are invaluable resources (for people who really need them), and I think that, as much as doctors can be patronizing and condescending - we as a society have put them on a pedestal, so naturally we will always be dissappointed by the level of care they offer us.
Now it's my contention that this problem lies within medical education - I think if we educated doctors to be compassionate and active listeners - clients (yeah clients, not patients .. we aren't all sick, we are paying their bills after all) would feel more informed and part of the decision-making process and therefore more cared for.
Anyways, that's my rant of the day, now off to study more Foucault...

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