Oct 13, 2011

Swerve like Alcoholic

My Macbook is dying. It's because Steve Jobs is dead :( Wahh. It's just such a piece of shit, well it didn't used to be but it's like over 4 years old now so I'm not surprised. Just not excited to drop a k on a new laptop.
On my way to an exam this morning. Social action and collective movements, mostly just on Civil Rights movement and stuff, pretty interesting but the theories suck and are boring and I am quite unprepared. Oh welll.
And summer is offish over - it's rainy and cold and nights get freezing.
White cable knit tunic, grey trousers, brown studded belt.
Guilty hair pleasure: Mane 'n' tail .. k I know it's not for white girl hair but it smells soooo goooood, and it's nicer than using hair spray.

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