Oct 3, 2011

Dodgy Bob

M is on training right now at Cerberus for 2 weeks. Poor boy has to drive all the way to Melbourne and I'm not even there this time :( I miss him so much but I'm so proud of him, doing all his training and passing his exam - like a bawss! It's been so hard dealing with being apart, we're missing a lot of the things that any normal couple could do, and all we have to rely on is skype and phone calls and emails and memories of the past. And the time-difference is so difficult, I wake up early as possible to catch him before he goes to sleep, and by the time he's on a lunch break I'm falling asleep in bed. But it's probably for the best, I know he is focussing on work right now, and I'm concentrating on finishing (and hopefully passing) me studies. So not having a constant distraction is good, but sometimes I just think it would be easier if I were doing my research leaning against his chest.
I'm counting down the days until he gets here though :) 2 and a half months to go - it's not that long now!
Other than that I finally submitted my Thesis Proposal, which is exciting yet terrifying - I hope that everything goes well and I'm permitted to continue on with my research, otherwise I'll have to start again or drop the class and wait until summer to cram the whole thesis into 2 months of writing. Scarryyyy.
(P.s. I'm sorry honey, I had to it's just so cute)

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