Oct 26, 2011

Stabbed by Satan

I've done some serious VV hauls in the past month, mostly while I should be going to the gym or studying, but retail therapy is retail therapy :)
Green skinnies (Value), black t-shirt, grey cardi (Smart Set), leather Prospector cowboy boots ($40 Value ... but I googled them and they go for almost $200 in the real world!!!)

I have this new thing for tights, it's like I have just discovered how great they are, I used to avoid them because when you have to pee it takes like 4 tries to get them off, but really, I'll sacrifice my bladder for some cute patterned stockings.
Blue backless mini dress ($40 American Apparel), black cropped blazer (Dynamite - stolen from KP's closet), patterned tights, and leather cowboy boots.
Also wearing my bullet necklace from Alex King on Etsy (who is an amazing seller and personalizes each piece and ships it in a gorgeous little package with a lovely personalized card - love Alex King!)

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