Oct 24, 2011


So a friend posted this workout on facebook a while ago and I thought it looked pretty intense but mostly I just liked the name, so instead of getting my ass up and to the gym I decided I'd give it a shot at home, and surprisingly I did pretty well, got almost all of it except the first 70 leg lifts turned into like 12 half-assed ones, and I didn't run for 10 minutes at the end because its too cold outside.
But goal by the end of next month is to do this whole workout :)
Also, note to self, don't eat an entire omlette less than an hour before trying to work out ... not okay.

In other news, S has entirely corrupted me, for some reason I can't stop listening to T.Swift, Carrie Underwood and other stupid country bands. I also have this overwhelming urge to wear my cowboy boots, and possibly go to Cabin on a Thursday - what has gotten INTO me!!
Also J. Biebs has stolen my heart with his little Christmas song, what a tune :) Awhh he's so cute who could resist.

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