Oct 4, 2010

Anti-choice = anti-woman

This morning, Ruth Lobo (a girl who I actually met a couple times last year) decided to set up her disgusting display of bullshit in Carleton U's quad (against the uni's permission). Thank god she and her anti-choice group were arrested and taken away.
As a feminist, a woman, a sexual being, and most of all as a HUMAN, I am so offended by her anti-woman campaign.
Abortion is controversial, no woman WANTS to have an abortion, but for some women it is the only viable option, and for those women who need to have abortions, they have the right to safe, healthy, non-judgemental treatment.

Now, I've never heard of any pro-choicers going crazy and hurting anyone, but I sure as hell have heard about pro-"lifers" (aka anti-choicers) who have murdered doctors who perform abortions, and other such acts.

AN ENORMOUS FUCK YOU TO ALL YOU IGNORANT ANTI-CHOICERS. All I can hope is that someday you'll enlighten yourselves as to the basic human right of freedom of choice.

Spread the love, the freedom and the choice :) Copulate, don't populate <3


  1. But the doctors are murdering too, so which is better? I'm not condoning murder or violence in any way and I fully respect a womans choice but what about the baby's choice? Who speaks for them? Don't they have rights?

  2. I guess it depends on what you're view of baby is. There are a lot of different opinions about gestation period and when does a fetus become a baby/what constitutes life.

  3. It's true and that's where the debate is. But If you've ever had an ultra sound or heard a baby's heart beat through a Doppler devise before the baby is even visible and nothing more then a spec yet its heart beats. That's when you know that life starts at conception because it's already alive and growing. Or at least that's how I see it.