Oct 25, 2010

Should be Essay-ing

So I have an essay due tomorrow, for a class that I have been to once, and this essay is worth 50% of my grade. FUCK. We shall see how this goes .. as sooooon as I stop blogging and start actually writing it I'm sure I'll be fine.
This is my fabulous new tye-dye-ish sweater ($50 le Chateau), and jeans and a blue t-shirt. I belted it with my leather woven belt, but it is cute left open and swingy too. I'm overkill-ing this sweater already :) And also now boycotting le Chateau, I bought a top there and didn't like it once I got it home, so tried to return it, but apparently they just steal your money, and you can't return anything there anymore, only store credit. Lame.

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